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Characteristics of Successful WordPress Website Owners

Successful WordPress websites require your hard work -- and then more hard work.

Everyone wants online success. But why is it that not everyone realizes that outcome? Because online is not for the weak of heart…

I’ve come to recognize essential success characteristics over the years. Most common is not realizing the amount of investment in dollars and time, knowledge, and skill acquisition required.

Nothing happens online by osmosis.

If Everything Were Equal

Let’s assume everything is equal for the sake of this article. Although, to be honest, rarely is that the case. It is primarily based on the decisions made by the website owner.

You have a user-friendly, mobile responsive, visually attractive website. You are offering great content and appropriately priced products or services that are in demand. So, what is left?

The website owner then becomes the catalyst. Based on the decisions they make. Their work ethic. Where they put their efforts and how they invest in their program.

For those who do reap online rewards, there are specific characteristics they all have in common. I can spot those that are naturals a mile away. I can also identify those requiring a helping hand and a nudge in the right direction. (Some are more open to that “nudging” than others.)

Successful WordPress Site Owners…

Prioritize and Automate Critical Tasks

Understanding what is at the core of your program and what you must do regularly is critical. To ignore these tasks does not make them any less essential or negotiable.

For example, having a backup system in place and keeping your theme and plugins updated is at the top of that list. Not only from an operational but security point of view.

They realize the importance of protecting their investment and, therefore, their brand. When roadblocks arise, they repave them with better processes. If they don’t have the time, they partner with a professional handling various tasks.

Have Professional Communication Skills

  • Their email communications are those of an educated professional.
  • They respond to comments (and site inquiries) promptly in a courteous, professional, and knowledgeable manner.
  • This goes for their social media interactions as well.

Exude Expertise, Authority, and Trust

They post content regularly that their site visitors will value in a tone that talks to them. Not at them. They leave out all the narcissistic hyperbole you see on so many other sites of no value to site visitors.

They freely and willingly share their knowledge and expertise on their site and in groups and forums. By doing so, they build a solid brand that lends to their credibility and authority without having to be braggadocios.

Are Expert Listeners

A long time ago, successful business people learned that everything they ever need to know to be successful could be found if you take the wax out of your ears. And listen.

They relish the tremendous insights into what direction they should go, what content they should add, and what they need to plan for all by keenly aware of the trends and discussions within their target market.

When customers ask the same questions, they take notes and add the topic to their FAQ, support documents, and posting schedule.

Embrace Knowledge Acquisition

That’s fancy-schmancy for being open to learning and the frustration that goes with that. They understand that technology isn’t going to wait or slow just for them to hop on the train and hang on for the ride. So they plan, set goals, and hold themselves accountable.

They read, review, test, tune, and try new concepts, programs, software, plugins, themes. Whatever it takes so that they remain on edge. Yeah, that can be as frustrating as all get out, but they know that is how they keep ahead of their perceived competitors while contributing to their inevitable success.

Can you integrate the above characteristics?

Yes, you can with the right mindset and dedication. And a work ethic like no other.

By not acquiring the above characteristics, you really cannot expect any realistic level of success. Online is not a forgiving environment. It is now one of the most brutally competitive business arenas that exist.

If you approach your program by keeping these characteristics front and center and doing your very best, you will enjoy results. Don’t claim you are “trying” — become a doer and do. That is the ultimate characteristic of a successful WordPress website owner.

At your service,

WordPress Consultant Judith