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How to Build Awareness and Traffic for Your New Website

Building awareness for your WordPress website.

You are proud new Website owner and want to make sure that your site gets seen. But where do you start? The first thing you need to realize is that this will take time. Your site is new and there are thousands if not millions of other websites who have already been online and working it before you. This means you need to get some basics in place.

Waiting to gain top page rankings on Google is a waste of time. That may never happen. So you need to be realistic and proactive about what is involved and what you need to do to gain exposure and hopefully build some relevant rankings over time.

First Steps After Launch

Setup Google Search Console:

Verify your site and submit your sitemap. While you are there setup your Google Analytics account to track the activity on your site.

Claim, verify and manage social media profiles:

Make sure all your social handles are the same (or as close as possible). Then make sure your header image and color scheme are consistent and match your site. To build your brand consistency is key. You want folks to know they’ve landed on any of your profiles because they all have the same look and feel.

If your biz is local:

Customize your Business profiles on: Google, Bing and other related sites.

Write a quality Blog post

Every week to start and then promote it!

Build and nurture your email list.

You want to setup a signup form so folks are notified of new Blog posts. Then setup another list that is for your newsletter or special announcements. When you post a new Blog subscribers will get an email. Your newsletter list will be for all your other activities, updates and specials on a consistent basis. Find a schedule you can keep whether that be once a week, every other week or once a month.

After the above is in place — then the real work begins! Here’s a quick list of considerations to keep front and center moving forward.

More Tips to Build Awareness for your New WordPress Website

And some great resources for you to check out!

Build your brand in everything you do!

This includes using your website domain email address. Using @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail does not help to build YOUR brand! (Be sure to master proper Business Email Etiquette too!)

Be unique!

Constantly be looking for ways to differentiate yourself from all the similar businesses already online. You can do this with design and graphics. Be creative!

Show your personality — there is only one you. Use you to your advantage! Your About page can be a great place to set you part.

Folks like doing business with those they know, trust and like. Use your About page to share photos and some personal information to humanize your site and make you more approachable.

Why do you do what you do, what do you stand for? You need to stand out and not be a “me too” business.

Start a referral program.

Referral programs are a great way to get other folks to promote and talk about what you have to offer.

Set up Google Alerts

For your business name and URL. This will help you to “eavesdrop” on where your business is mentioned and what others are saying.

Start a podcast.

I recommend checking out Blubrry (AFFLink) because it integrates with WordPress. The Blubrry plugin PowerPress, ensures that users do not have to leave your website, and that you are able to build your own brand.

PPC Advertising

Google, Twitter, Facebook all have advertising programs. But first do your homework so you understand how to test and tune your program for best results (and to optimize costs). HINT: Consider bidding on competitor’s terms!

Create an online course.

Do you have knowledge or experience that can help folks? Check out the LearnDash plugin.

Offer a Free eBook.

A tip sheet or how to to help your customers is a great way to collect email addresses! And there’s a plugin for that: Easy Digital Downloads.


Create a sharable Infographic using Canva.


Create Pinterest boards for your products.

Do keyword research.

Spend some time once a month looking for new opportunities. In particular long-tail keyword phrases (3-4 words).


If you have the gift of gab think about starting a YouTube channel to with tutorials, how-tos or just to share information your target market can use.

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Time to Compete!

I hear ya — who has time for all of this? You do! Remember, online is not a build it and they will come environment. Can’t do business with you if we don’t know you exist!

Those who rises above the noise, are the most unique, have a story that potential customers are drawn to and the service to back it up are those who rule the day! No less than the the right mindset will do!

At your service,
Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach