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I've been writing about the topic of Email Etiquette for decades. I have several sites available as a community service to help those who want to use email effectively and properly:

Business Email Etiquette eBook

Business Email Etiquette eBook

Are you looking to improve your Business Email Etiquette skills with a convenient eBook? For a comprehensive overview of the issues important to your email skills and online business, you can buy my eBook that covers Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Business Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use.

If you still think that your email habits and practices do not affect how your business will be perceived — you need this eBook!

Business Email Manual Book

Business E-mail Etiquette | “THE MANUAL!”

First, folks asked for an eBook on Business E-mail Etiquette — so I did that, and it quickly became one of the most popular downloads on the topic.

Then, I saw a pattern forming… Businessmen and women, trainers, and corporate educators requested when I would offer an actual book that had it all that they could use as a handout in training sessions for self-improvement and employee orientations.


E-mail Etiquette Made Easy!

Easy Email Etiquette Paperback Book

Check out my paperback for every onliner — written by request to make Email Etiquette easy. You want easy? You've got it! My second book, Email Etiquette Made Easy! It covers the basics I get asked about most through You can apply simple tips and information to be viewed favorably and have a more enjoyable online experience. Great for schools, sales training curriculum, computer groups, new and old alike.

It doesn't get any easier than this, folks! Get your copy today from the publisher or on Amazon.


Because Netiquette Matters!

Because Netiquette Matters Email Book

Proven Tips, Tools, and Tactics to Save Embarrassment and Be a Pleasure to Communicate With! Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use! This book covers it all! Email Etiquette (Netiquette) and even includes an Internet and Web 101 to understand better how this incredible technology works. Remember, knowledge is power — but only if you use it!

Because Netiquette Matters is available on Amazon.


It was inevitable that someone somewhere was going to have to write a book about how to properly send emails. I am glad it was this one that made it through the ranks. It is very appropriate, timely, and concise.”
Writer's Digest Judge Commentary

I have business-related articles here on my consulting site. Still, the majority of my Email Etiquette resources are over on my sites dedicated to the topic of Email Etiquette, Everyday Email Etiquette, and my Business Email Etiquette Blog. Read and learn.

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