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Judith Kallos WordPress and Business Consultant
Judith Kallos: WordPress Consultant

I've been “doing online” since 1995. I'm an accomplished good-humored, surprisingly non-geeky WordPress Consultant and Business Coach who doesn't take herself too seriously. Even after 26 years.

I have my projects, have written for GoDaddy's Blog, and help extraordinary netrepreneurs embrace WordPress and the online arena for all it can be.

If you are committed to your success, I am your mentor, muse, and biggest fan.

Always putting ethics, integrity, and reality front and center.

The First Internet Studio…

I opened the first “Internet Studio” in a sleepy town on the IL/WI border in 1995 and have been doing business online ever since. Then, I was known as the “crazy Internet lady.” Waaay, ahead of my time!

Did I consider, as a woman, that entering into the male-dominated field of technology may present a challenge? It never crossed my mind.

I've not experienced anything negative because I am a female. And that was decades ago. So don't believe everything you hear. If you are a girl and tech interests you — go for it!

Many folks weren't ready to embrace this new technology. Back then, many thought the Internet was just a bastion of credit card fraud and adult entertainment.

But I saw a diamond in the rough.

At that time, a domain, a server, and a little HTML and CGI were all you needed to put up an effective “website.” Now, “websites” are much more complicated not just in code but in site-owner-required skills and responsibilities.

Then WordPress was created, and I decided to focus on being the best WordPress Consultant and business coach I could be.

Build it and they will come…

Getting found and exposed to your target market no longer happens by osmosis. Instead, accepted passivity (“build it and they will come”) is not good enough. Instead, online success requires aggressive involvement and investment to succeed.

Because of the dramatic shift in required client engagement, I am no longer building new WordPress websites (except for myself and my current clientele). Instead, I laser focus on a whole-site approach for those who have established WordPress websites. Thus, not only as a WordPress Consultant but an Online Business Manager and Coach.

This approach provides my clients the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive list of skills, strategies, and methodologies necessary to experience ROI. And have my full attention.

I decided not to hang with the “in crowds” or try to be everything to everyone a long time ago. This approach has allowed me to evolve and grow with technology while not being held back by “group think” or what the latest experts claim are the tactics du jour.


“By the time you hear the thunder, it's too late to build the ark.”

A Little Personal Stuff…

I was born and raised in Chicago. After living on the Chain O'Lakes in northern Illinois for 15 years, we decided to leave the rat race, high taxes, and traffic that came with living up north and moved off the grid.

I now live the simple life in Mississippi with some acreage on a lake out in the middle of “nowheresville” (seriously), with a very cool husband, a U.S. Air Force Veteran.

From the start, I've always believed in giving back. That's why I donate my services to U.S. Military Veterans. You can also find me helping folks on forums and groups when I have some free “give-back” time.

17 tidbits that make me who I am …

  1. My fondest childhood memory: Going to see the Marshall Field's Christmas windows in downtown Chicago.
  2. Got my first job at 16 as a burger flipper at Yankee Doodle Dandy.
  3. I took 3 years of Latin in High School.
  4. My first car was a midnight blue '67 Montego. I loved that car!
  5. I enjoy flea markets and antique malls.
  6. In my previous life, I was a Capacitor and Resistor Sales Engineer.
  7. Had my own azure blue Harley Davidson Sportster. Those were the days…
  8. I love black and white movies of all kinds — especially horror.
  9. CompuServe on a 4800 baud modem was my first foray into the online world. Talk about being mesmerized!
  10. I wish I had more time to read and the space to store hard-cover books. I like the way they feel in my hands.
  11. My favorite food group is cheese.
  12. I always wanted to see the Pyramids in Egypt — that's not going to happen.
  13. I'm half Greek and half Italian. Best of both worlds!
  14. Was once on the pit crew for a 10 second Camaro Drag Car.
  15. My signature dish is Garlic Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.
  16. I own close to 200 domain names (…and, yes, I do have a project idea for every single one of them!).
  17. My favorite verse: Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. ~ Proverbs 31:25

A Partner You Can Rely on that Walks the Walk…

I've been successfully crafting websites and running online businesses longer than most and have gone through all the challenges technology throws at anyone who wants to participate. So I can say with confidence that I've “been there, done that” with most things online—the frustrating and fun alike.

I take each client's success personally, and you can count on me as your WordPress Consultant to bring a sense of reality, excitement, and vision to your WordPress program. We'll question everything — together. I'll also provide pep talks and reality checks when needed.

I'm here to help you thrive, even if that means contradicting all that “fast, cheap & easy” noise that is so prevalent online and ends up just wasting your time and hard-earned money. I have a terrible habit of challenging the status quo from self-proclaimed experts and gurus just out to make a buck. This serves to identify the endless possibilities that are around every corner.


“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
Wayne Gretzky

Dependable Personalized WordPress Consulting Based on Real World Experience

I give you my guarantee that it will be challenging to find a more trustworthy partner with better customer service, who has your back covered on all the issues you need to be aware of, concerned about, and many times don't even know to exist.

But with that comes a word of caution.

I will not always say what you prefer to hear. Nor will I tailor my advice to concepts or processes I know do not work or are not ethical.

White Glove WordPress Consulting and Support

Personalized, prompt, and professional. Nothing less will do.

When you work with me, you can rest assured that when a dilemma arises, a perceived problem pops up or if you are just plain old frustrated, I am here to answer your questions and address your concerns.


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Alvin Toffler

I have a particular set of skills that can help you succeed online. From WordPress setup to optimization, security, and SEO monitoring to help you create content for your Blog (see what I've written for GoDaddy). All my experience is “at your service.”

If you are willing to learn, embrace the possibilities and work harder than you ever have before — you've come to the right place.

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Business Coach

Your WordPress Consultant

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