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Email is great for quick questions that are not complicated. Of course, phone calls can work — and I hope your bars hold the connection (and that you don’t sound like you are in a fish tank). But, nothing beats personalized one-on-one walk-throughs.

How about screen sharing while in front of your computer? Now that most computers have webcams, having conversations via live video is not only more personable — it is proven to be more effective.

We can discuss what you need help with during these sessions or any issue causing undue frustration. In addition, I’ll be able to screen-share while I’m in your WordPress dashboard and show you how to accomplish any tasks that you want to achieve. Most times, having the ability to “see” what you can do pretty quickly solves that feeling of being overwhelmed.

We’ll take the necessary time based on a particular goal or topic. White Glove Support subscribers have 2 hours to tap into each month. Here’s a quick rundown of the things we can accomplish together.

WordPress Support & Training

  • “How to” Tasks (Plugins, Configuration, Settings, Theme Dashboards)
  • WordPress Site Backup Procedure
  • Specific Questions About Features and Functionality
  • Usability Suggestions
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Plugin Suggestions

Business Coaching

  • Review Your Current Site Structure
  • Site Copy Review and Recommendations
  • Branding Review and Suggestions
  • Professional Email Setup and Configuration
  • Hosting Review
  • 3rd Party Service Assistance
  • What should my next step be?

Strategy Planning

  • Branding Consistency
  • Marketing Review and Suggestions

…And the above is not the end all be all.

These are just examples of what most of my clients want to chat about. You can rely on my solid 27 years of experience to answer any questions you may have. Have ideas you want to run by a seasoned professional to get a second unbiased opinion? We can do that as well.

White Glove Support includes Live Support

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