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Vital Mindsets for Online Success

Vital WordPress Website Mindset Success

Online success isn't for the weak of heart. Ask anyone who is making a profitable living online. These extraordinary netrepreneurs will detail the hard work, long hours, and earnings they've put in.

Then, throw in reinventing yourself, when needed, as part of that successful strategy. Anyone who claims this level of effort and commitment is unnecessary is full of baloney.

I talk to folks all the time, looking for that magic bullet of online success. They have an idea, some more original than others, and believe they can make a go of it. But they are not willing to have the necessary mindset. Instead, they want to piece-meal what they are willing to do while still erroneously expecting the best results.

When asked about how to succeed online, I advise that an idea or a product isn't enough. You have to be mentally prepared to learn more and work harder than ever. Many minimize that hard work, but those same folks typically are the ones to say, “I assume I can get my site ranked on the first page of Google?” As is if that were possible and it is the end all be all. It's not.

You know what happens when you assume…

Vital Mindsets to Having a Successful Online Business

Most importantly, you need to have the correct mindset and one that is based on reality. Online is not a “build it, and he will come” playground. It's more build it and hope to get found.

If you want to take a shot at procuring online success, you must have the right mindset on the following issues. Nothing less will do.

Details and Intent

It is pretty common to see websites focus on Our Product, Our Service, Our Company. Me, me, me! Us, us, us! While that makes sense, and customers are interested in all that to an extent, we are leaving a critical perspective out of the picture.

Many make the mistake of making sure that the visitor is told what the site owner wants them to know. But we neglect to address and focus on what the customer is looking for, what is their intent when they land at your website.

  • Think about why your potential customer would come to your site. Cater to that.
  • Compared to other sites with a similar focus, why should they be interested in your product or service instead? Tell them.
  • What makes your product or service unique, different, better? Be clear.
  • What are their likely questions? Answer them.

Once a potential customer shows up on your site, you cannot provide enough information about your business and methodology, so that is there when looked for. The more details you provide, the more you'll contribute to being viewed as a trustworthy expert in your field.

Be the Best

Strive to be “the” site for your product, service, or industry. How can you separate your site from the others currently ranking on that top page? By being unique while sharing your own amazing story.

With billions of Web pages and thousands of competitors' sites already online, your success depends on you offering all-around excellence in your business's presentation. To stand out from the rest.

An unprofessional, sludgy, unorganized presentation will let that opportunity slip by. Your website must look attractive, contemporary, and professional if you expect to capture your site visitors' attention. You need to convince them that your company is a high-quality, reputable firm able to deliver on your promises.

Remember, all your potential customers have to do is find a competitor that has invested in their image and the quality of their Web presence to leave you in the dust. The last thing you want is to be perceived as a hobbyist or amateur. Again, mindset makes the difference.

The Only Thing Consistent is Change

The Web is evolving daily. Be prepared to grow with technology and stay on the edge. Online hasn't slowed a bit after doing this for over 27 years. I've lost count of the number of times I had to take a new approach, learn something, embrace further info I wasn't aware of until after the fact.

That's what is required of you too. Those “on the edge” will be the survivors with the highest success ratio.

  • First, analyze your Web server stats, Search Engine, and financial statistics to see what seems to be working. And what needs to be improved.
  • Next, determine pages visitors are naturally migrating toward. Make them your cornerstone content.
  • Then, seek out what campaign attracts the most visitors and orders. Testing and tuning are never-ending.
  • Finally, build on this data consistently — with passion.

Upon carefully reviewing your Web server statistics and your off-line marketing campaign, being honest about what isn't working is crucial. It may be time to cut your losses and try something new.

Modify your business plan * accordingly today — next week or next month could be too late. Then as the data reflects is necessary to pivot again. Flexibility and being proactive rules!

Direct marketing has shown that while one classified ad may not produce a single inquiry, slightly different wording, timing or position may be a winner. But, of course, you won't know what works best until you try — and test — other things. That is what makes this gig tick.

Plan on continuous, incremental improvements until you get it just right. Not to mention keeping up with the trends and “looks” as the Web grows and changes.

You have your work cut out for you if you own a website. Constant experimentation, determination, and consistency is the only way to determine your specific formula for success.

Be Prepared to Go to the Next Level

How do you get to the level that will ensure your success with any business?

  • Know where you are. Have the mindset that enough is not good enough. Many entrepreneurs become motivated when they start feeling like they are stagnating.
  • Reach for those lofty goals (and know what they are). Climbing towards seemingly impossible goals always requires change. It will also require extra effort and commitment. You have to want it badly enough to pay the price in time, money, and hard work.
  • You need a plan. Put your goals in writing. You don't need a formal fancy-schmancy business plan. But make your project clear, specific, and measurable. Break your long-term goals into short-term milestones.
  • Focus on achieving one step forward each day, week, month, year. Track your progress and push yourself to strive where you need to be to reach your goals.

Don't have the time? MAKE THE TIME.

Even though I am very customer-responsive, I realize that it will not get done if I do not actively and aggressively set aside regular time to run my business. So I have my calendar schedule loaded up with reminders of what I must accomplish. They don't go away until I mark them as done.

We all feel swamped from time to time. It can be overwhelming. But, we can free up more time by prioritizing what we spend our time doing compared to the resulting payoff. Therefore, you need to prioritize your tasks and duties then spend your time accordingly.

My strategy includes planning new articles and site features that help position my business more effectively in the constantly growing WordPress Consulting and Business Coaching market. If something doesn't gain traction, I try something else. It's a never-ending cycle.

I am constantly learning new technologies and developing new strategic partnerships to stay one step ahead of obsolescence. This requires that I test and tune regularly. There isn't a better way to learn new strategies and stay ahead of the crowd.

Some are afraid to take this approach because you inevitably meet with failure. I get that — disappointing results aren't any fun. But not everything you do will work the way you thought or be a resounding success. That's how we learn, and that's a good thing.

Does it take time? Yep! Will it be effective? There's only one way to find out — by doing.

Many have believed the myth that all you have to do is put up a decent-looking website, and the world will beat a path to your door. It is not going to happen. Yes, you can be highly successful, but the willingness to consistently put in the hard work is the primary differentiator.

Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail

Plan your work; work your plan. You've heard these phrases countless times. Nor is there anything unique about any of the points noted above.

  • Focus on your customers. Cater to them.
  • Offer excellence. Nothing less will do.
  • Keep tweaking your marketing strategy. Again and again.
  • Prepare for growth—estimate (realistically) and plan accordingly.
  • Schedule and prioritize your time.

Just presenting a great product on the Web will not produce. Even having a great website is not enough.

You must have the mindset to work at it continually and market your product or service effectively if you expect potential customers to find you in the first place. Then, more importantly, come back again and again.

You can't market effectively without utilizing these marketing mindsets, many of which can just be considered the basics of running any successful business on or off-line. The more you do, the more you learn, the more you increase your chances of success.

So, are you ready to leave your comfort zone and grab a bucketful of success? My blog has 100s of articles to get you started.

At your service,

WordPress Consultant Judith
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