WordPress Coaching, Business Consulting + White Glove Support

White Glove WordPress Whole-Site Support

My WordPress coaching and consulting services focus on three primary scenarios:

  1. First, you have a WordPress website and need a mentor to help you reach your potential. You desire personalized handholding to learn the skills and strategies necessary to run a successful website.
  2. You are a busy person, and it seems like every time you turn around, something with WordPress or plugins requires updating. You have no desire to have to track or keep up with all those tasks and details.
  3. Finally, you are a DIY’er and just need someone to be there when you need a little help or coaching.

In all three cases, you put off what you know you need to do or learn because you have a list of other things you have to get done.

Maintenance + Coaching + Mentoring = Confidence (and Success)

Then, there’s that little voice in your head reminding you that you aren’t sure how to do those updates without the fear of breaking your site. And what if your site does break?

  • Do you worry if your site is fast enough?
  • Is your SEO good enough?
  • What should my next move be?
  • What if I get hacked?
  • Am I following best practices?

All this can be overwhelming and lead to paralysis.

So, you don’t embrace new things, and you don’t update. You don’t look at ways to improve your site’s speed, security, and effectiveness.

Your SEO? Well, you don’t know who to believe, so you put some keywords here and there and cross your fingers. Strategy to improve and grow your traffic? What strategy?

You wish you could learn how to use everything WordPress offers, but where do you start? It is so overwhelming!

If you have had this conversation with yourself, imagine the weight off your shoulders when you no longer have to worry about any of this. You can have your own WordPress consultant on call when you need one. Enter my White Glove Support whole-site approach.

If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.
John C. Maxwell

Choose Your Support Package

My personalized one-on-one coaching and 28 years of online experience and business advice are at your service.

WordPress WooCommerce Help

The Basics package covers the processes that must be monitored and taken care of if you have a WordPress website. These are items that are not a choice but mandatory to make sure your website performance and security are maintained.

You don’t want to experience the cost, frustration, and loss of business that not having these Basics in play will cause.

  • Worry-free Updates: WordPress, Theme, and Plugin updates as necessary.
  • Daily Database Cloud Backups: Separate from and in addition to your hosting company backups.
  • Daily Security Monitoring for vulnerabilities, malware, and Web trust.
  • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring to alert me if your site goes down. Did you know that all sites experience downtime? It’s a matter of when and how often. Your site will be monitored for disruptions to know if we need to address any hosting issues (“noisy servers”). If your site is down for an extended period, I can then investigate and work to get your site back up and running as soon as possible.
  • Top 10 keyphrase tracking for SEO (and who your competitors are).
  • 15-20 Page PDF Monthly report noting your site’s status, current rankings, competitors, changes, updates, and suggestions.
  • You’re In! Being added to my client list means you have all my experience and skills at your service as needed. Your own consultant on call.

Premium Support is for netrepreneurs who desire comprehensive, personalized performance data and guidance without the added time drain and worry of maintaining their website. With included time for tweaks and coaching.

Business Coaching for Your Online Business Website
  • Everything in The Basics.
  • SEO Guidance and Worksheets to help you grow your rankings that are only available to my clientele.
  • Time Allowance: You have a 30-minute allowance to use any way you see fit. Tweaks, coaching, consulting — it’s up to you!
  • SEO Report/Tracking/Competitive Analysis for Top 100 Keyphrases
  • Performance Monitoring: insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.
  • Daily Security Monitoring to look for malicious files or infections due to hacking. PLUS, I will also audit non-user access attempts to your website and harden blocking and blacklisting as necessary.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup and monitoring. A CDN protects against threats such as SQL injections and identity theft.  Using a CDN also improves site performance and speeds up loading times by using multiple data centers located around the world.
  • Broken Link Monitoring: I will check for broken links and let you know what you need to update and address.
  • Comment Spam Management
  • Database Optimization: Clean spam comments and post revisions for database performance.
  • If you have WooCommerce installed, you’ll also receive a roundup reflecting Gross Sales, Net Sales, Refunded, Worth of Coupons, Shipping Charged, Number of Orders, Items Purchased, and New Signups, and Top Categories by dollar amount.

If you are a DIYer and just need help here or there and want the ability to schedule the time necessary to pick my brain or request, I jump in to tweak things as needed.

Live WordPress Help & Coaching

I can be of service for:

  • Site Tweaks
  • CSS Color Customizations
  • Image Assistance
  • WordPress Dashboard Walkthrus
  • Zoom Coaching or How-to Sessions
  • SEO Coaching and Guidance
  • Post Creation
  • Content Review
  • eCom Process Setup, Review, Strategy
  • How to start and manage your online business.
  • You get the idea — anything to do with your WordPress website and online business!

My Premium Support includes my conscientious monitoring of your website and my 28 years of real-world experience to guide you. This means you have a Mentor on call when you need one.

If there are changing trends, essential updates, emergencies, or breaking issues that arise that you need to be aware of, WGS Members get that information proactively directly from me. Including my recommendations and your options.

Additional Benefits Available on Request

  • Starter strategy session to lay the groundwork for your website goals and answer any questions you may have and challenges you are concerned about.
  • Website review to offer my initial impression, recommendations, and action items. This includes suggestions regarding your homepage, layout, menus, images, and copy.
  • Review your business methodology and practices as presented on your website.
  • Google Analytics integration: I’ll monitor (for errors), review, and offer recommendations.
  • Coaching and Strategy Videocon to discuss your challenges and successes, including what you need to focus on moving forward. Or to walk you through anything you want to learn.
  • Website review to discover any website issues you need to address, recommendations I may have, and the online trends I know you need to be aware of and implement to keep on track.

Worry-free Website Maintenance

Not worrying about technicalities frees you up to have more time to run your business, create content and market your site. I do all the heavy lifting for you. If I discover information on the market, data trends, or issues that can impact your program, you’ll hear from me proactively just for having a WGS account.

And in the process, you’ll gain valuable intel you can put to work immediately. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to grab more time actually to run their business?

I will make sure your site is on top of the latest updates and security warnings as they happen while providing you with the necessary business intelligence to know how your site is performing. When updates are released, you need not do a thing. I’ll create a backup point and address any pending updates.

Jump on board and free yourself to do what you enjoy. Run your business.

How do we start?

  • Review the White Glove Support TOS
  • Tell me about your project, and let me know any questions you have. Once we agree to proceed, I’ll then get everything set up and up-to-date*.
  • WordPress and Plugin Updates: When setting up your site, I’ll double-check if the plugins you have installed are up to date with the current version of WordPress. If not, I’ll include some alternative plugin recommendations.

*Significantly outdated websites may incur additional setup charges to bring your site current. I will advise in advance if this is the case.

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