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WordPress Help On Call When You Need It

WordPress White Glove Support Subscription

My White Glove WordPress Support services focus on three primary scenarios:

  • You have a WordPress website and need a coach to help you reach your potential. You also desire personalized handholding to learn the skills and strategies necessary to run a successful website.
  • You are busy, and whenever you turn around, something with WordPress or plugins requires updating. You do not want to have to track or keep up with all those tasks and details.
  • You are a DIY’er, and you are unsure if everything is set up for optimal performance and results. You need someone to be there when you need help or coaching.

In all three cases, you put off what you need to do or learn because you have a list of other things to do.

Maintenance + Coaching =
Confidence (and Success)

  • Do you worry if your site is fast enough?
  • Is your SEO good enough?
  • What should my next move be?
  • What if I get hacked?
  • Am I following best practices?

Then, that little voice reminds you that you aren’t sure how to do those updates without the fear of breaking your site. And what if your site does break?

All this can be overwhelming and lead to paralysis.

So, you don’t embrace new things or update your site and don’t consider improving its speed, security, and effectiveness.

Your SEO? Well, you don’t know who to believe, so you put some keywords here and there and cross your fingers. What strategy do you have to improve and grow your traffic?

You want to learn how to use everything WordPress offers, but where do you start? It is so overwhelming.

If you have had this conversation with yourself, imagine the weight off your shoulders when you no longer have to worry about any of this. Instead, you can have your personal WordPress coach and consultant on call when needed. Enter my White Glove Support whole-site approach.

Knowledge + Support = Website Success

My personalized one-on-one coaching and 29 years of online experience and business advice are at your service. Premium Support is for netrepreneurs who desire comprehensive, personalized performance data and guidance without the added time drain and worry of maintaining their website, with included time for tweaks and coaching.

That’s Not All…

WGS includes 30 minutes of monthly
consulting time to use as you need.

Worry-free Website Maintenance

Not worrying about technicalities frees you up with more time to run your business, create content, and market your site. I do all the heavy lifting for you. If I discover information on the market, data trends, or issues that can impact your program, you’ll hear from me proactively just for having a WGS account.

In the process, you’ll gain valuable intel to put to work immediately. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to spend more time running their business?

I will ensure your site is on top of the latest updates and security warnings while providing the necessary business intelligence to know how your site is performing. When updates are released, you need not do a thing. I’ll create a backup point and address any pending updates.

White Glove PDF Report

Imagine the difference a 15-20 Page PDF Intelligence Report noting your website’s performance metrics, current rankings, competitors, changes, and updates could make in prioritizing what you need to do and plan for. You’ll get one monthly that includes any industry updates and my recommendations.

If you have WooCommerce installed, your report will also include a roundup reflecting Gross Sales, Net Sales, Refunded, Worth of Coupons, Shipping Charged, Number of Orders, Items Purchased, and New Signups, and Top Categories by dollar amount.

Jump on board and free yourself to do what you really want to do and enjoy. Run your business.

How do we start?

  • Review the White Glove Support TOS
  • Tell me about your project, and let me know any questions you have. Then, once we agree to proceed, I’ll set everything up and make sure everything is up-to-date*.
  • WordPress and Plugin Updates: When setting up your site, I’ll double-check if the plugins you have installed are up to date with the current version of WordPress. If not, I’ll include some alternative plugin recommendations.

*Significantly outdated websites may incur additional setup charges to bring your site current. I will advise in advance if this is the case.