New Client FAQ

Concierge Services For WordPress Websites

Here are the questions that I get asked most about my whole-site approach and the corresponding answers. Want to know how to partner with me, what I do and how it all works? The majority of the answers are pretty simple and to the point.

These are the questions you are wondering about and the answers to before contacting me about our partnership.

Experience you can trust and rely on as needed.

After 27 successful years in the online consulting business, running more sites than most including eCommerce, (and working with WordPress since it was born 18 years ago and before it was the “latest thing”), I am in the enviable position of having a particular set of skills and experience that will help you succeed online.

This experience translates into guiding you with best practices during and after the site creation process. I will guide you with checklists, screen-shares, and instructions along the way so that you know what you need to consider and prioritize.

Tap into my experience for advice and coaching for WordPress How-tos, plugin recommendations, marketing, email, content, and SEO guidance. This level of support will allow you to remain on the right track.

Partnering with me will ensure that you will have a beautiful contemporary responsive WordPress website that will enhance your brand. And grow your business.

But that's just the beginning.

You will work directly with me and benefit from the White Glove Service you need to reach your goals. I limit the number of Netrepreneurs I work with so that you can have my full attention and support. As a result, you'll get the answers and direction you need — when you need it.

If you seek a partner that you can trust, who responds to your inquiries promptly with courtesy and professionalism, educates you along the way, and makes sure that you understand what is required to reach your goals, I'm your gal.

I have three different levels to choose from. Mentor Coaching, Mentor Coaching + White Glove Support, and a la carte for DIYers.

In addition, my live videocon sessions are perfect for screen-sharing, where I can show you step-by-step how to accomplish desired tasks.

Coaching is one of my most desired services. Based on your stated goals, I can guide you to use WordPress, establish your brand, and set up your online business. Anything to do with running a successful online endeavor is on the table.

No matter how long you've been online, there are nuances and details you need to be aware of and apply to experience any level of ROI.

Add a White Glove WordPress Support subscription and WordPress Updating, Uptime Monitoring, Cloud Backups, Performance, Security, Maintenance, SEO Reporting, and coaching are all included. This frees you up to run your business and not have to worry about your website.


Time or work commissioned beyond your WGS plan allowance will be invoiced on the 1st of the following month. My terms are due upon receipt.

My White Glove Support plans include the time you can use for live, personalized help, and coaching. Even for DIYers, knowing we can chat and screen share will help you to accomplish tasks that up until now were scary and frustrating.

When you need assistance, you can pick an available time through my website. In addition, you'll receive an email with a link to my private and secure Zoom conference room so that we can collaborate on the tasks at hand.

Here is an example of some of the things we can cover during our live sessions together:

Brainstorming: This is the primary use of my live sessions. Questions get answered, strategies discussed, best practices covered—a healthy back and forth covering any issue critical to your online business and WordPress website's success.

Dashboard Walk-through: We can go over the entire WordPress dashboard (plugin dashboards too) and explain how to use the primary modules you will need, such as posts, pages, media, and specific settings.

Appearance Customization Panel: This area allows you to tweak your theme's display and add custom CSS snippets if desired. We'll cover each section and what the impact is on your theme's configuration and display. This area has distinct options based on your specific theme.

How Gutenberg Blocks Work: We'll go through blocks and their features so that you are aware of all the flexibility and layout options available to you.

Adding and Customizing New Posts and Pages: I'll show you how to edit existing posts and pages. Including formatting text, adding images, or other media files using Gutenberg and the block editor. In addition, we can cover how to set up categories, schedule posts, and additional information you will need to add content successfully.

Working with Images and Other Media: I'll explain and show how you can access images and media in the media library and work with the media library in general. Including issues important to site performance.

Theme Customizations: Based on your theme's setup and available customization features, we can discuss the possibilities.

Menu Configuration: We'll cover how to add new pages to your navigation menus, how to create new menus, and where to insert your menus. We can also cover categories, adding custom links and essential user-friendly considerations when working with menus.

Widgets: What widgets do, where are they located, and how to configure them. Most importantly, for your widgetized homepage.

Plugins: Did you add a new plugin that needs configuration? We can cover that step-by-step.

  • I invoice on the 1st of each month.
  • Services are billed based on time spent in 10-minute blocks.
  • All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.
  • Terms are “Due Upon Receipt.”

You bet! Running an online business has all kinds of variables and considerations that need to be put in place to ensure your best chance for success. From email and branding to security, features, and performance we can make sure you are covering all the bases.

Absolutely! You can most certainly have WordPress help when needed. Once added to my client list, you can rest assured that I am only an email away for WordPress advice and troubleshooting when you need guidance.

You have to be comfortable with databases, HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript and, of course, know WordPress in and out to customize WordPress to your own unique requirements, vision, or desires. Until you reach that comfort level, I am here to offer the WordPress support that you need.

And don't forget about backups, security implementation, monitoring, performance metrics, WordPress, theme, and plugin updates. You can have me handle all that for you by signing up for my WordPress White Glove Support Subscription, including coaching, consulting, and a 15-20 page Intelligence Briefing report the first week of each month.

Plus, you'll have the benefit of my 27 years of successful online experience to guide and support you in all things required to do business online.

As part of my focus to offer the best WordPress support possible to those with established WordPress websites, I no longer entertain new from scratch website projects. The exception is for established clientele. (But I can recommend you to someone I trust if you tell me about your new website needs here.)

WordPress Redesigns

When it comes to getting a new WordPress look, prices vary as each website is literally a unique ecosystem in itself. Redesign services are only available to White Glove Support subscribers.

Review my site. You'll quickly pick up on my personality and how I do business. Being I take your success personally, I won't mince words or minimize issues you need to embrace. That is why I list the common questions I get asked most on this page to make sure you have the information you seek.

One thing I do not do is hide information from you, sugar-coat problems or cater to all the online hype you'll find elsewhere. Online business is not for the weak of heart.

Are you an Extraordinary Netrepreneur? (If you are reading this, I bet you are.)

If you are up to the challenge that technology demands of each of us, I am here for you. Taking the time to check out my site is time well spent. Here are several pages to start with:

After reviewing this page in its entirety, tell me about your website.