Code of Ethics

My WordPress Code of Ethics

In 1994 I was one of the first “Web designers,” and with that came great responsibility. From the start and still to this day, I have horror stories relayed to me by clients about consultants, developers, and service providers that are not, let's say, completely forthright to get into their pocketbooks.

There are always those who will knowingly take advantage of what clients don't know to make a buck in every industry or field.

That's why I've always taken a different approach.

Knowledge is Power

When you partner with me, I will take the time to provide you with the information you need (but may not know to ask about.) I will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge. I will not “sell” to you based on my income potential but only on what you need and can be trusted to work for you.

From the start (27 years and running), I've managed my business by this Code of Ethics:

My Code of Ethics

  • You will receive my Modus Operandi in writing and in advance of any services rendered so that my terms of engagement are clear and on hand for future reference.
  • Our relationship will have the strictest level of confidentiality. All information shared with me will be for my eyes only.
  • I will never misrepresent my skills or ability to be of service. (See below.)
  • You will receive prompt, courteous, and detailed responses to your email inquiries.
  • At no time will a product or service be promoted on my website or recommended to you that I have not used, have experience with, or not hesitate to use on my sites.
  • I will provide each client with the truth and reality of what is necessary for their project to thrive.
  • Misinformation and unrealistic expectations are addressed and corrected immediately.
  • If a request is outside of my “wheelhouse,” or I do not have the available bandwidth that your project deserves, I will advise that upfront.

While some of the above are not asked for, and yes, sometimes not welcomed, it is how I roll.

I do not prop up unrealistic expectations or cater to the free and easy online mentality. Succeeding online is complex, and it isn't getting any easier. By embracing what is required to reach your goals, you only have the best chance for success.

Now that you know my core ethics knowing where I cannot be of service is just as important.

Services I Do Not Offer

While I can provide advice and guidance on the following topics, I do not formally offer these services.

  • New WordPress website creation or setup (only for established clientele).
  • Support or for websites built in Drupal, Joomla, and other Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Support for WordPress websites created with web builder applications (Divi *, WPBakery, Elementor *, Fusion Builder, Beaver Builder, etc.)
  • Keyword analysis & AB testing.
  • Ongoing Social media program strategy implementation.
  • Malware removal and restoring hacked websites.
  • Advanced integration and modifications of custom databases and APIs.


“Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything.”
Mark Twain

I pledge to be your unwavering advocate and guidepost to online prosperity.

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Business Coach
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