+ White Glove Support TOS

+ White Glove Support Subscription

When you add my White Glove Support to your Mentor Coaching plan, you no longer have to worry about backups, updates, security, performance, and so much more. I'll handle all this for you — 24/7. Your first month is payable in advance before any setup can begin. After that, you will be auto-charged on the monthly anniversary date of your subscription.

The first week of each month, you'll receive my report noting all the updates made to your site in the month before. You'll also get an SEO, backup, and security overview.

Occasionally, I may send special notices during the month about time-sensitive issues that need to be brought to your attention. Or issues I believe need to be addressed immediately.

I will not process my recommendations without your approval. If you do not want to integrate or address the issues that I recommend yourself and would prefer I handle them for you, shoot me an email with your approval, and I'll take it from there.

One WGS Subscription = One WordPress Website Installation

Each White Glove Support Plan applies to one single WordPress website installation. Your primary live website.

Your plan's time allowance can be used for consulting and site tweaking and applies to the website environment subscribed to WGS. White Glove Support Plan services and support do not carry over to staging sites, other websites, or subdomains.

A staging site is a separate additional copy of your live site, which you can use to test changes or updates to your website without affecting your live/production website. Staging sites can also be referred to as sandboxes or development environments. Modifications made to staging do not display on your live site and visa versa — more on staging sites here.

Support requests for websites/installations other than those subscribed to WGS will incur separate and additional fees.

The Purpose of White Glove Support

The primary purpose of White Glove Support is for me to watch over your site and proactively address any issues that may arise. And in my experience, problems will arise. For example, it is not uncommon for plugin conflicts to occur, which requires an immediate troubleshooting process.

In these situations, I may have to work and utilize your time allowance to investigate issues that my oversight indicates must be addressed. Examples include:

  • If your site is timing out or your site goes offline.
  • If it appears a plugin is causing a conflict after an update.
  • Your site is hacked.
  • Performance degrades for unknown reasons.
  • Concerns about WordPress, Theme, or Plugin updates — before implementation.
  • Circumstances that require I investigate an issue to provide options to you.

Severely outdated sites may incur additional charges before I can set up your White Glove Support plan. I will notify you if this is the case before any additional fees are incurred. In this situation, I prefer to test the update process first on a staging site before updating your live site. Plan on one hour of additional charges before your White Glove Support plan can begin.

By subscribing to WGS, you understand that I will first use your included time allowance when these situations arise. If more time is required, you may incur additional charges for the time necessary to investigate and remedy the issue to keep your site online and operating correctly.

You will be advised via an email from me when any of the above situations occur to let you know that I am proactively involved in investigating and resolving the issue. Your prompt response to any questions I may have will be greatly appreciated when this happens.

If possible, I will also provide options so that you can then provide your direction. However, if your site is offline, down, or hacked, I will go into recovery mode and do what I need to get your site live and operational if possible.

Please be mindful of the number of support emails between us, as each email can contribute to your plan's time allowance.

What's Included in My WordPress Service Plans

  • Monthly Coaching Session: Your monthly Zoom session will keep you on track according to your stated goals. Before our session, I'll review your website data to discuss the issues you need to consider and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • WordPress and Plugin Updates: Updates will be processed as needed. This includes informing you how updates may impact your setup and what you need to do. As well as holding off on any updating until I can confirm we are good to go.
  • Daily/Hourly Database Cloud Backups: Off-site (not on your server). How do you get to the backups stored there if your server crashes or backups are compromised? Off-site backups are mandatory, so I can quickly restore your site or move it to another web host if needed. 
  • Daily Security Checks: Daily checks to detect malware and if your website is blacklisted. The last thing you want to discover is that Google is warning searchers that your site has malware.
  • SEO Guidance & Reporting: You'll receive a 15-20 page personalized Business Intelligence Report [PDF] reflecting your site performance, activity, and analytics for the entire month before. Your briefing will also include tracking your keyword ranking changes, traffic/session activity, who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them. You no longer have to find, monitor separately, and track your keywords. Instead, I will provide the critical metrics for your website in one monthly report. Your report also gives you a timeline of how you rank, better or worse, and tracks your ranking positions for you.
  • Link Monitor is a powerful broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of your entire WordPress site for broken links. Broken links give a poor user experience and can ding your SEO. Now, you can address and properly redirect any broken links every month.
  • Are you running WooCommerce? You'll get a round-up of your transactions, including gross and net sales, coupons used, and shipping costs.
  • Performance Status: A slow website will impact your business negatively. Not only with frustrated site visitors, but speed is an important ranking factor with Google.  I will guide you on exactly what needs improvement to up your score. You need to benchmark your website performance regularly and react if something needs attention.
  • Brainstorming/Strategy Consulting: Want to discuss your report? Have questions about how to use the provided data to improve your site? Then, use your White Glove Support time for monthly strategy planning.
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring: I'll be notified when your website goes down so that we can get it back online before anyone notices.
  • Consulting as needed.

Scheduling a Coaching Session

Once you sign-up, I'll provide a URL that you can bookmark and view my availability so that you can schedule an appointment as needed.

It is common for me to be booked a week in advance. However, if you have an emergency or time-sensitive request, shoot me an email with a couple of available times, and I'll do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Additional time or videocons beyond your plans allowance will be invoiced on the first of the following month.

Premium Plugins

I have access to some great plugins that I may offer for your site at no additional charge. Plugins offered to White Glove Support Members will be uninstalled when your subscription is discontinued or if you have a habitually past due account balance.


  • I will refund your subscription fee if I do not receive all the setup information requested to get your website added to my system within 72 hours of your sign-up.
  • If I need to cancel your plan, I will provide as much notice as possible and any appropriate pro-rated refund.
  • If you cancel your White Glove Plan, you need to use any unused time before your White Glove Plan expires. There are no refunds for unused time.
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