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The WordPress Themes I Use and Trust

Here is my hand-selected list of Premium WordPress Theme providers that I trust both from a support and quality perspective, including what I use on my sites.

There are thousands of WordPress Premium Themes to choose from. It can be overwhelming when trying to make the right pick. So let's make it simple for you.

While even I can get my head turned by all the cool themes out there, I've found out the hard way not to go too far off the beaten path. Instead, I stick with the companies and developers I have used and experience the results I need for my sites.

These are theme devs that have already proven the test of time, including the fact they will still be around after I put all the work into integrating their theme and customizing it for my site.

You don't want to find out what it is like to put all that time and effort into integrating a new theme to discover down the road that the developer no longer updates their products. Or worse — has gone out of business.

Top Premium WordPress Themes

If you are not familiar with how WordPress and WordPress themes integrate, necessary boxes need to be checked before making your final decision. First, we should discuss the theme's features, layout, and structure to ensure it meets your site's goals, how you want your data to display, and your preferred user interface.

WordPress Top Premium Themes

Being a theme is a downloadable product, as is standard and customary for downloadable products — all sales are final. That means, once you purchase, you own the theme whether you end up using it or not.

First, be sure to read my article on How to Choose the Right WordPress Premium Theme. This article will help you be familiar with the crucial variables you need to consider when choosing your WordPress website's theme.

These are the Premium WordPress Themes I recommend due to their intuitive control panels, ease of use, and incredible support.

The Kadence Theme

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Anyone who has worked with me has heard me talk about Genesis & StudioPress.

That is until I discovered a new theme framework that gave me that same gut feeling as when I first discovered WordPress. I had the same gut feeling when I started using Revolution Themes back in the day that then grew to be StudioPress with the cutting-edge Genesis Framework.

Kadence * doesn't require a child theme as all the customization is through the WordPress Appearance > Customize dashboard. Add to that, Kadence has its own set of built-in features, its own block plugin, and a collection of other plugins that covers all the bases.

Included are demos that you can install and then make your own.

I discovered all the bells and whistles that most site creators, including myself, are looking for. And the ability to customize on a level I've not seen before without installing a bulky “builder” plugin.

As I always do, I try out a product before talking about it here on this website. So, I redesigned two of my sites [email protected] and BusinessEmailEtiquette.com. And all I can say is WOW!

This site is now on Kadence too.

Genesis Framework

What's cool about the Genesis Framework/Child Theme combo is once you purchase Genesis, you own it. So moving forward, if you want a new look, you only have to procure a new child theme. The mechanics of the site remain unchanged.

Genesis and All StudioPress Themes are Included with WPEngine Hosting

The Genesis Framework, by StudioPress, with a child theme combo, is the best of both worlds. Solid secure coding and a child theme to customize and not have to worry about losing your changes in the next update.

READ MY ARTICLE: WordPress Full Site Editing and Your StudioPress Theme

For those who do not find what they envision with StudioPress, here are a few others I've worked with and can highly recommend that develop child themes for the Genesis Framework and Kadence too.

Creative Market

I have curated a collection of over 40 child themes for you to check out!

WordPress Genesis Child Themes

Restored 316 Designs

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The ladies at Restored 316 create gorgeous feminine style Genesis child themes that use color and accents for a more feminine touch. Splendor, displayed below, is just one example. WooCommerce * integration too. Simply beautiful themes.

Check out their Kadence themes too.

Restored 316 Feminine WordPress Themes
ZigZagPress Genesis WordPress Child Themes


ZigZag Press is an extensive (and growing) library of beautiful, flexible, and functional Genesis Child Themes for WordPress. In addition, ZigZag offers a layout complimentary for any data or navigational requirement.

WordPress Church Themes

Church Themes

Church Theme's mission is to help churches build attractive, full-featured websites to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have a ministry, youth, or church group, these are the themes and the company for you.


Check out the Divi August/2021
Performance update

For those who want to build their simple WordPress website and don't need the services I offer, Divi * may be the solution for you. While I'm not a fan of “builders,” that doesn't mean that products like Divi don't fit the bill for some.

Elegant Themes offers Divi, their flagship theme and visual page builder. I've worked with Elegant themes for well over a decade integrating their themes and unique plugins. Their focus is now exclusively on their theme/builder combo, which is excellent for folks who want to build their websites.

You can count on Elegant backing their products with helpful support forums and rely on them to be on top of any necessary updates.

For me, the primary concern is that your website will be built entirely using Divi's shortcodes. If you ever want to use another theme, all those shortcodes will have to be stripped from every page/post.

If you decide to go with Divi, plan on learning all the best practices so that you can successfully use it for the long haul. You want to do your due diligence on all the pros and cons of using Divi before making that commitment.

Remember, when it comes to WordPress themes…

Each theme integrates WordPress core functionality in different ways. To make sure you have a theme with the functionality, navigational structure, and features you want, be sure to go through the offered theme demo with a fine-tooth comb.

Then, do so again to be confident that you are getting the theme that works and displays your content the way you want.

Read my article: Choosing the Right WordPress Premium Theme for what to consider when choosing your design.

I can personally guide you on what theme will visually meet your requirements and, more importantly, work the way you need it to so that your site is effective and successful. So let's make sure you make the right choice before you spend your hard-earned dollars.