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“Need to Know” Newsletters: Basic Website Resources

Resources to Read for Your WordPress Website.
Read and Learn, then Read Some More!

I consider part of my job is to track the questions I get asked by clients, through my websites or where I spend some “give back” time. A common question that I am asked is how I find all the information that I share. Suffice it to say I read — a lot.

I Read So You Don’t Have to…

Then I’m asked if I wouldn’t mind making a handful of recommendations for required reading. Of course, those who ask don’t really want a list of all the resources I rely on; that would freak them out.

So I’ve given thought to what would be the top 5 email newsletters that will help those just trying to keep up? Onliners who are more comfortable running their businesses, not their websites but are eager to learn.

I’ll leave out the over techie stuff, the multitude of WordPress, Marketing, SEO, and Social Media feeds that land in my inbox every day, and make it easy for you by narrowing it down to what I’ve determined to be the Top 5 to start with. With a focus on your “need to know,” okay?

The Top 5 cover the basics you have to keep on top of. Security, Search, Social Media, Content — and then a little inspiration! Yes, inspiration. There will be those days where your frustration levels kick in, and you feel like tossing in the towel. This is where mindset matters, which is just as important as everything else.

Start with These 5 Resources

Subscribing to the following resources and adding them to your reading list will help to keep you in the loop on minimally what you need to pay attention to.

  • For the Latest on Security Issues: Sucuri | The Blog @ Sucuri is on top of anything security-related that you need to know about.
  • For the Best in Social Media: Social Media Examiner | Subbing to SME and you get the whole ball of social media wax.
  • For the Scoop on Search Engines: Search Engine Land | Gives you a once over of the latest SEO trends, discussions, and strategies.
  • For the Best in Content Creation: Copy Blogger | You are at a significant disadvantage if you can’t write great content! Honing your writing skills is a necessary, ongoing, and never-ending process.
  • For a Little Daily Inspiration: Seth Godin’s Blog | We all need to step back and put things in perspective. Seth is my daily reality/levity check.

Add your particular industry sites and specific interests (marketing, branding, podcasting) to the above, and you can quickly become overwhelmed. So I recommend not subbing to more than 10 at a time — and that’s pushing it.

Prioritize What You “Need to Know”

Read and Read Some More!
Schedule Reading Time

“Need to know” is different for everyone. Experience and priorities will determine what is most vital for you to track and learn. And that list will evolve as it should.

You may find that other sites in the Top 5 better meet your goals. That’s fine; subscribe to them instead.

The key is to not overwhelm yourself by subscribing to too many “resources.” That produces numerous emails that take up space in your inbox and your time to delete them. (Email organization is imperative to your efficiency.)

Be sure to block out some time on your calendar to read and bookmark at least once a week. Once you’ve read a newsletter, delete it. You’ll often never refer back, and information gets outdated so fast it isn’t worth hanging on to.

Chose Wisely and Enjoy!

Work towards subbing to those resources you find you genuinely enjoy and look forward to receiving. Only sub if you know you can benefit from the information provided. If it is not your cup of tea or doesn’t provide value, unsubscribe. The sooner, the better to keep your inbox clear of fluff and time wasters.

I still learn new things — all the time. I’ve been at this for 27 years, and there are a bunch of resources I’ve been subbed to for years. At the same time, others fall by the wayside when I no longer find them helpful, sound, or fresh. If I bypass an email three times because apparently, it is not important enough, I unsub.

When you narrow down your subscriptions to the core 5 or 10 you need and enjoy, you’ll find you are more apt to learn from and apply that information to your program. What are you going to read next?

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach
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