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10 Starter Marketing Tips for Your New WordPress Website

WordPress Marketing Tips

Well, 2022 will be another year of challenges, especially for those with new WordPress websites. The current circumstances have folks starting all kinds of new side-hustle websites to try and create additional income.

There are always new and inventive ways to promote your WordPress site or Blog. The key is to make sure you are actively promoting your website by doing these basic tasks consistently — from the start.

Here are the ten ways to promote your new website — along with links to some of my other posts that will allow you to delve into each topic a bit deeper. Once you’ve got the following activities down pat, you can then move on to more aggressive and experimental ways to get attention or buzz.

How to Promote Your New Website

Install the SEO Plugin of your choice.

I use Yoast SEO. When you follow the guidance provided by this plugin and complete all the fields provided for each page and post, you can be confident that you’ll have your search optimization basics properly in place.

The Readability review and guidance are invaluable in helping you to create easy-to-read SEO’d content. And improve your writing skills over time.

Add unique and valuable content on a consistent basis.

I know — that’s all you hear about — content, content, content. But there’s a darned good reason for that!

Your content combined with your personality and expertise is what will set your WordPress website apart from the thousands (or hundreds of thousands) fighting for the same eyeballs. So when writing your posts, be sure to create post titles that are attention-grabbing and descriptive of your post’s content while including the primary keyword phrase for that article.

Comment on other Blogs

Not just generic blah-blah-blah. Comment with your unique perspective or input. Don’t just comment to comment — add value to the conversation.

Share your point of view or experience on forums too. But, refrain from shallow, “me too” type of comment participation does not lend to your being viewed as approachable or having the expertise someone “out there” may be looking for. And do your best to use proper grammar and spelling in all your online communications regardless of venue.

Setup profiles and join social networks.

And make sure your branding is consistent across them all. Use the same graphical assets, logos, and color schemes so those who don’t know you very well will begin to recognize your presence at a glance.

Even if you don’t plan to be overly active at any networking site, at least have a presence there by joining and setting up your profile with a link to your website, of course.

Be as active as you can on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Or your top Social Media sites of choice. No one has the time to be active on all networks all the time. Nor is your marketing everywhere. So choose the top 2 to 3 and participate consistently.

Post your Blog posts to Social Media sites.

Then back them up with personal comments and be quick to respond to any input received. While it is easy to put everything on auto-pilot, if everything is auto-posted, you aren’t being “Social.”

Listen to your customers.

You know your market; you talk to current and potential customers all the time. What are they interested in? Type about it.

What questions do you get asked most? Write about that. List posts work well. Top 10, Top 5, Top 101 — you get the idea. But make sure they are lists of value.

Test the waters with online advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have programs to help you target your market. Start small and build based on what works for your business model.

Don’t forget off-line promotions.

Not all promotion is online. Chambers of Commerce, Clubs, and local associations are constantly looking for new speakers.

Always have a supply of business cards available so you can put them up on bulletin boards and hand them out when the opportunity presents itself.

Hype, Hard Work and Experimentation

Regardless of what some of the current T.V. commercials may want everyone to believe, once your site is live, the really, really, really hard work begins. Promotion!

“Build it and They Will Come” does not apply online. Build it, promote it and talk it up every chance you get is more accurate.

Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!
P. T. Barnum

At your service,

WordPress Consultant Judith