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WordPress Coaching Service

Your Own Personal WordPress Coach

Embracing how best to use WordPress for the success of your business is something that eludes many website owners. Many believing it is too expensive.

That fact is that engaging a coach to address your unique goals is nothing short of a wise investment in your future success. To have your very own WordPress Coach with 26 years of successful online business experience on call when you need that extra support is priceless.

As with learning anything new, there will be obstacles you will face that will be frustrating and sometimes downright discouraging. However, when you minimize your learning curve, you expedite the results.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day, and it hit home…

It turns out that the people with the potential to benefit the most from a coach are often the most hesitant precisely because of what coaching involves.

Talking about our challenges. Setting goals. Acknowledging that we can get better. Eagerly seeking responsibility…

Until you get up to speed, why not have your own experienced WordPress Coach on call? Someone who can recognize where you need help to push through that learning curve. One of my favorite things to do is to relay my knowledge and expertise to help others succeed.

WordPress Coaching & Support

You will receive real-world experienced and personalized hands-on coaching that you literally will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. My advice will be comprehensive in addressing your most important specific inquiries/concerns with actionable information and details you can put to work now.

After you advise what you need help with I will:

  • Review and respond to specified action items.
  • Provide guidance, steps and coaching on targeted tasks.
  • After any requested tweaks and issues are addressed, I will offer additional recommendations.
  • I will follow-up with you to make sure you have things in hand.

Having this level of experienced support will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed online.


  • WordPress Orientation
  • Post and Page Management
  • RSS/Feed Management
  • WordPress Troubleshooting
  • Content Layout and Formatting
  • Widget Use
  • Plugin Setup and Use
  • Sidebar Integration
  • CSS and HTML Code Tweaks
  • Functionality Review and Recommendations
  • Site Design Recommendations
  • Site UI Recommendations

WordPress Coaching does not include:

  • WordPress Core File Modifications
  • Theme PHP & Plugin Core File Customization
  • Custom Programming

You can integrate recommendations yourself with my help or have me handle them for you.

Smart and successful business onliners do not waste valuable time figuring out things they do not yet have experience in — work with me, and that will come! Once you are more comfortable with the technicalities of WordPress, we can include my Business Coaching to cover all the bases.

Let me know how I can help.

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach