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Selling online has never been easier — getting found is the hard part! Then you need to live up to your site visitor's expectations and provide a user experience that will blow them away.

Many incorrectly believe that having a website and setting up shop is set and forget. And the orders roll in. Nothing can be further from the truth. It takes constant and consistent monitoring and efforts to take full advantage of what your online store can accomplish.

If you are already using WordPress, you can install WooCommerce to quickly and smoothly integrate eCommerce. Whether digital products like eBooks or tangible products that you make yourself, WooCommerce offers the functionality and the features you need.

Woo, combined with the availability of a vast assortment of functionality extensions, will allow you to manage your new eCommerce store easily. Once you get into the swing of things, you'll wonder why you didn't add eCommerce sooner.

26 years of eCom Experience At Your Service…

You'll have my online business experience at your disposal throughout the entire setup process. First, I'll help you configure your settings and functionality based on known best practices. You'll be selling in no time. Then, I'll be your advocate as your store grows and evolves based on customer and market demands.

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WooCommerce Best Practices for:

  • SEO Considerations specifically for eCommerce
  • Product Photos and Descriptions
  • Shipping Rates and Providers
  • Payment Providers and Gateways
  • Terms, Conditions, Returns, FAQs
  • Order Confirmations, Status Updates
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Shipment Tracking and Updates
  • Marketing, Remarketing and Promotions
  • Reviews and Testimonials (aff)

While the WooCommerce (aff) plugin is free, you will need a whole slew of extensions to complement the basic cart setup WooCommerce provides.

Features and functionality to consider:

  • Additional Payment Gateways
  • Checkout and Cart Customization
  • Tax Collection
  • Product Page Info, Layout, Additions
  • Mini Cart Display
  • Policy Statement Creation
  • Managing Customer Orders and Data
  • Points/Reward System
  • eStore Newsletter Integration
  • Order Email and Status Customization
  • Support Ticket Integration
  • Order Printing, Invoice Creation
  • Various Shipping Carrier and Rate Calculations
  • Shipment Updates and Tracking
  • Affiliate Program

Extensions range in cost from free to $150. However, as with anything online, we can't make our decision on price alone. So instead, I can help you navigate the extension and plugin jungle to find the right products to help you accomplish your goals.

Even more so, when it comes to eCommerce site performance, metrics, updates, and support will make or break you. Therefore, I gravitate to premium plugins (aff) with a strong support history that will be there if I need them. We can review what will work best for you.

As easy as WordPress and WooCommerce can be, I can help you weed through the details, setup, configuration, numerous plugin offerings, and ongoing maintenance and security issues that need to be an active part of your program.