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3 Reasons Why it is Time for a New WordPress Theme

Better experience with a new WordPress Theme

It's not uncommon for busy business owners to keep their sites as-is for longer than they should. Especially if the site still looks pretty cool (subjective) and is serving its purpose. But is that the case?

You don't know what opportunities you may have missed. Or visitors who may have moved on just because your site may appear outdated.

It is not uncommon in these cases to find that the very same sites are not updated regarding content, WordPress, and plugins. These very same websites also display a copyright notice from years ago at the bottom of every page.

Step Up and Get a New Look

Many times revamps avoided as they seem scary or the cost may seem prohibitive. What is the price of lost business because your site has not been kept current?

Neither is the case when you consider the benefit of appearing as though your website is in keeping with current trends. Swapping out a theme is relatively easy and inexpensive now that staging sites are common.

Think about it this way…

Onliners are traveling the Web from website to website every day. It is not uncommon to land on a site that makes them pause because it looks like sites did years ago. Add to that, upon further inspection, the visible dates and information verify that.

You probably have experienced this yourself, right? So, when do you need a new WordPress Theme?

When You Look Dated…

If you are reading this article, you most likely know that you are due for a new theme. If it's been longer than a couple of years — it's time.

The fact is online is a visual medium. Anyone actively clicking around the Web will be quickly exposed and used to the latest looks and trends. This then contributes to older site designs standing out as behind the times.

While your site can still be “nice looking” and functional, it can quickly become outdated in appearance if you do not keep up with trends. And the Web evolves and changes very rapidly — with or without you.

Too many resist embracing that having a successful business website is not a “set and forget” environment. You need to be aware of the latest trends from a technical, user, and visual point of view. In addition, you want your website presentation to stand out from your perceived competitors.

The fact is that your online presence is one of your core marketing tools. So why would you not do everything to take advantage of that?

When Support is Not up to Snuff…

I can't stress enough how important it is to invest in a Premium WordPress theme that offers the support and updates you need to rely on moving forward.

Nothing is as disappointing as getting a theme in place and then realizing when you have questions or concerns that you cannot receive a response to your inquiries. That is why you must do your due diligence before you spend your hard-earned dollars on a premium WordPress theme.

Email the company/developer before you purchase with any/all questions or concerns you have. Check that the theme is compatible with the current version of WordPress.

See how quickly, professionally, and in detail, they respond. This will be a big-time clue as to what you can expect after the sale.

If you don't like the level or type of response you receive, then find another company/developer to work with. You shouldn't have to spend valuable time chasing down answers.

Here are what I call “Warning Will Robinson” signs. Run into any of these; hit your Back button and continue your search.

  • The developer of your current theme has non-existent support features in place (forum, groups, members area or support ticket system).
  • When you email, post to support forums or open a support ticket, it takes days for a response.
  • Your theme developer does not update the theme as necessary when WordPress updates or when a bug is discovered. What happens the next time WordPress has a substantial update and the theme hiccups?

Your WordPress website's success depends on theme support.

When Your Site is Not Mobile Responsive…

Is your WordPress theme responsive? Mobile responsiveness has been a standard for years. But I still run into sites that look yucky on mobile devices every day.

Have you looked at your site on your phone or tablet? If not, pull out your phone right now and take a look. I'll wait… Okay, so what did you see?

  • Were your menus easy to navigate?
  • Did your site layout elegantly?
  • Could you find what your target visitors would be looking for in a click or two?
  • How about your images? Did they size correctly?

Run your site through Google's Mobile-Friendly Test or Bing's Mobile Friendliness Tool to find out if there are any issues. Google has publicly stated that they have expanded the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

When Your Site's Performance Metrics Suck

Many nifty cool site builders that let you have that layout you want also slow down your site. Not to mention your site is dependent on all the custom post types or shortcodes that produce that layout.

The thing is that desktop layout isn't something that will translate to mobile anyway. So the mobile display is slimmed down one-column super simple.

Did you know Google wants to see your site load in 2-3 seconds? So this is an SEO and ranking issue too. If you have a pokey site, consider a new non-builder website. K.I.S.S. applies here.

Spend Time Now; Save Time Later

If it's time for a new look, it is worth taking your time to choose the right premium theme. Saves you the grief of having to swap out or switch themes because you made a quick or uniformed decision.

The online business arena is highly competitive. Probably even more than you realize.

For your website to compete, you need to be open to keeping up with the latest technology, including changing your WordPress website theme to remain visually relevant and ahead of the game as often as necessary.

Being this year is winding down, why not use the new year as an excuse to get a new look?

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach

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