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How to Be Your Own Website Expert

How to become your own website expert.

I subscribe to so many feeds and newsletters that I often don’t have time to open them all. Let alone read them all. But I make a valiant effort.

My name is Judith, and I am an infoholic, especially for WordPress, marketing, social media, and website building trends.

Being an infoholic means I have this uncontrollable urge to stay on the edge of developing trends, products, and services. By keeping up with the commentary, studies, and observations of online “experts,” I have the opportunity to try new things and discover what works for me.

All “Experts” Need Reliable Information

In doing so, I have considered myself an expert in training for the entire life of my consulting practice. And I attribute this approach to why I’ve succeeded for over 27 years.

With that, I’ve come to realize:

  • You have to make an effort to qualify sources of information.
  • Being willing to read and read some more — then apply.
  • Be open to new sources, concepts, and opinions.
  • Learn what you need to know and become good at it.
  • Understand you’ll make mistakes. And that’s okay.
  • Not everything you try will work the way you want. And that’s okay too.
  • Unfortunately, many website owners are not up to this challenge.

Anyone who is attempting to keep up, really trying to “get it,” and working towards understanding the ever-changing online business arena is also an expert in training. If you genuinely want to succeed, you have to strive to be as much an expert as you can in everything to do with your online program to make educated decisions. Decisions that can hinder or enhance your success.

When it comes to websites and the online marketing gig, the entire arena evolves at a dizzying pace. Social media and online marketing have taken a turbo turn into a medium that is tested, analyzed, extrapolated by every “expert” imaginable. Every hour, day, week, month…

Add Google’s “Do No Evil” (don’t get me going on that) algo changes, and you have a stew of “what am I supposed to do now?” So you turn to the experts. Sometimes not realizing that some may only know just a tad more than you.

Can’t be a “Know it All”

But, the reality is you cannot know it all. No one can. I don’t. After all this time, I am brutally aware of how much I don’t know.

Especially when what you know is constantly in flux and morphing for unknown or documented reasons. This is also where being realistic about acknowledging what you don’t know yet, is crucial.

Discover what you find interesting, know you can be enthusiastic about it, and learn all. Then seek out those true experts who can help to fill the gaps. It is those partnerships that can lead to results beyond your expectations.

Choose Your “Experts” Wisely

It is clear how every self-proclaimed expert has a different take on what we should be doing and where we are going in the online business arena. None of them know for sure. They are just sharing their specific experiences.

Some of these experts back up what my decades of experience prove. Then some go in directions I have yet to consider. This is why you want to rely on multiple sources and resources.

This can cause me to question what I thought to be true just the day before. And try something new. Sometimes things work out. Other times, not so much.

Then there are those “experts” that just make me giggle…

Of course, everything can be tried, tested, analyzed, and changed to produce different results. But, these results are dependent on so many variables unique to your website, desire to learn, work ethic, and your market. So, your mileage will vary.

That can be pretty darned exciting — or mega frustrating for many.

Every Website is a Unique Ecosystem

No program, strategy, or “metric” will apply the same to every website, project, market, methodology, or process.


Expect the Unexpected

Each website is an island unto itself regarding approaches, tools, methodologies, and strategies that may work. So yeah, some basics and staples apply to all sites, but daring to try something new and different — that’s when things really start getting interesting.

Not a single expert can claim to tell any site owner exactly, specifically, what to expect other than to expect the unexpected. There will always be new twists and turns unique to each website that can cause even the most expert of “experts” to scratch their heads.

Online business is a work in progress. Anyone who claims to be an expert will admit that they realize the importance of continually building upon their expertise and growing their portfolio of strategies.

This is the only way to ensure they have all the information and data available to apply to the project at hand — at that moment in time. Then stay on that edge and evolve — hopefully before you are forced to because you’ve been left behind.

Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It

Every “expert” is on a mission, based on their unique experiences, to develop and implement successful strategies. More importantly, how to measure everything that has to do with website visitors’ interests and activities to produce ROI.

You know your business and customers better than any “expert” out there. You have the data at your fingertips to interrogate. Use that information to your advantage.

The experts in training, just like you, push the envelope. They try new things no one has yet to try and re-purpose strategies so they can be born anew.

Choose your sources wisely, read, learn, test and tune and find out what works for your website. Take risks and try new things, then learn from those efforts. Rinse and repeat. Nothing less will do.

At your service,

WordPress Consultant Judith
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