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Tips for a Marketing Kick in the Butt!

Marketing Tips for your WordPress Website

When the going gets tough — the tough get going, right? Right?! I can't hear you! That's better…

When website challenges arise, the last thing you want to do is become a back-seat driver as though you have no control. Instead, to attain any level of online success, you need to be proactive and aggressive.

Time to take control of the wheel!

Online has been a challenge for small businesses for a while now. And it isn't going to get any easier. We're up against millions of sites and big orgs with deep pockets.

To run a business, you need to have a backbone made of titanium. While it may be a steeper hill to climb, sole props and netrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to succeed.

Because we have the flexibility and grit to get the job done.

Are you discouraged to the point of possibly throwing in the towel? Do you struggle with wondering what your next move should be? Are you aware of the tools and opportunities that will allow you to keep plowing ahead? A business coaching session might be the answer that can help to get you focused and on track.

Time to be a “Marketing Maniac”!

Roll up your sleeves — it's time to do and participate! Technology allows you to spend your time making new contacts, creating new opportunities, discovering niche markets you may not even know exist.

This is no time to sit back and whine and complain. That's unproductive and may indicate you are not up to the challenge online demands of every one of us.

Have your pity party and get on with the business of marketing your business. How? Read on…

Tips to Get Your Marketing Butt in Gear

Here are some suggestions on what you can be doing, right now, today, to make things happen. When I bring up these topics, I very often hear, “I didn't think of that!” How about you?

  • When was the last time you gave your site a new look? One reason WordPress is so popular is that you can get a new look while all your content remains intact. Not on WordPress yet? Get with the program — chop-chop! (WordPress allows you to easily integrate your marketing and social efforts like no other platform.)
  • Put together a program or special offer that will directly impact your customers. Think seasonal, use Fun, Wacky & Trivial holidays, watch the news to weave in current events.
  • Review your site content and see how you can change the tone to cater to the concerns and needs that directly impact your target market. Then, talk to them — not at them. Nothing is less impressive than “corporatey” generic blah-blah-blah written in the 3rd person. Instead, be more intimate with a first-person copy that allows you to talk to that one person on the other side of the screen.
  • Update all your social media profiles to include your most current images, information, and offers. Take your profile descriptions up a notch with a rewrite and new photos. Make sure you are taking advantage of every tool offered in each account. Is your brand represented consistently on all the relevant social sites and networks?
  • Use your Blog to bring up topics you know are of concern to your market. Write meaty posts (at least 2,000 words) that offer solutions, tips, and links to data that can help your market address their concerns in a way that works best for them.
  • Review all your PPC campaigns and tweak, test, and tune — which can lead to less cost, by the way. Then, dig into the provided data and look for new opportunities or targets you may have missed before.
  • Review your site's statistical data keeping a keen eye for any new patterns in search or traffic on your site. See what is most popular and add more of the same. Don't forget to check for new inbound links for possible partnership opportunities too.
  • Have you been thinking of a new section, topic, category, or addition to your website that you've had on the back burner? Well, no time like the present to bring it to the forefront and start working on it!
  • Give your newsletter * a new look, layout, and focus. Not sure what that is? Create a survey and ask subscribers to tell you what they prefer — then give it to them.

What's around the next corner?

Online is ever-changing. None of us know what's the next thing. So get to work, always be on the prowl for new opportunities, rework old programs, test and tune and keep on truckin'!

With this approach, you never know what you'll discover that you can take advantage of and help you to reach your goals.

So, what are you waiting for? What can you discover today?

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach