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Give Your WordPress Website the Royal Treatment

Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Content is King

Who hasn’t heard the overused phrase “Content is King”? Just like most phrases, when overused, it has lost its original intent.

Back in the day, when that phrase started popping up, it went without saying that good content, valuable and unique content, well-written and helpful content — was King.

Fast forward to 2020, and it appears as though many believe that any content — words that take up pages, self-serving white-noise, gibberish, poorly written, non-useful contact packed with SEO phrases is all you need. And therefore, King.

If only it were that easy. (Off to the gallows with you if that is what you believe.)

Yes, your content will separate you from all the other sites out there that are targeting the same customers. But, in my view, content is not “King.”

Let’s Organize Your Website’s Royal Family

So you have your site launched with a great-looking Premium WordPress Theme. You’ve taken the time to set up everything properly with a layout and a navigational structure that caters to what your website visitors are looking for.

Then, let’s assume that your WordPress site has excellent content that you know folks can use. It is well written and sought after.

But what if no one knows you exist?

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Now I will mix up the “Royal Family” of website success just a bit. So let’s have a little fun, shall we?

I Say Marketing is King and Content is Queen

The best content in the world is for naught if no one can find it or knows that it exists in the first place, right? That’s why I say that Marketing is King.

Marketing is King

“Marketing” is pretty much a catchall for everything else that has to do with your online precedence. Almost every decision that you make will in some way impact your marketing.

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Because marketing is used to attract customers, it is one of the primary components of business management and commerce.


So let’s start by putting a plan together, noting all the various marketing channels you intend to utilize. Search engines, each social media site, advertising on and offline. Don’t forget networking opportunities.

Note how much time and money (if purchasing ads) you can spend on each. Then schedule out the necessary time on your calendar of choice and have the discipline to follow through.

Next, create a list of your target customers. Who they are, where they are, what they need — the more detail, the better. Then, keep that info in mind in everything that you do.

Content is Queen

If you purchase advertising on Google, Facebook, or social media websites, you’d better have the look and content to back it up. Otherwise, you just spent money for folks to click away. And that happens more often than you think.

Even if you don’t pay for ads, you want to have amazing content to get folks to stick around, buy, subscribe or reach out. Organizing your content to prioritize customer needs comes into play.

Now that you have your content in place, carefully consider where to put your most important calls to action (CTA). For example, feature specific posts or pages in your sidebars or widgets to hi-lite the content you know visitors are seeking.

Always try new things, rewrite old content, reorganize your layout, remove what isn’t working and try something else. Now you can discover what works for you, your website, and your customers.

Keep a running list of the topics you can write about that make doing business with you or using what you have to offer easy. Then add new content once a week. Stagnant websites are rarely successful websites.

How does the rest of the Royal Family hash out?

Niche is the Prince

The “nichier” you are, the easier for you to be found. And easier to specialize and concentrate on doing what you do best. I’ve always advised clients that the more you are about, the less you are about any one thing, especially when it comes to search engines.

Being about a bunch of stuff to chase the money makes getting found all the more difficult. You also risk being spread too thin.

Trying to be the best on a whole slew of things compounds your difficulty level and effort budget. And the expertise required to implement all those unique propositions.

Social Media is the Princess

Not every social site will work for you or be worth your time. So instead, determine which social channels are where your target customers hang out, produce the best results and put your efforts there.

See what others in your niche are doing to generate interest, and think about how you can take it up a notch. Be you and be involved. That’s what social media is really about.

Statistical Date is the Duke

Look at your statistical data to see what is working — and what isn’t. Hits don’t tell us much — unique visitors let us know when we are getting traction.

Look at the timelines and try to correlate what you were doing when any spikes occurred. The more you can connect the dots, the better and then know what to do more of.

Conversions are the Duchess

If you sent out a special offer, newsletter, or notice, did you include calls to action so that you can determine if your content converted to any action? Were your landing pages set up to make it almost impossible for interested parties to want to click away?

Here again, check your stats to see date-specific activity that you can match up to your actions. Then, interrogate that data looking for top pages, paths, and time on site to know what site visitors gravitate to. Here’s where you’ll find your best chance for conversions.

Partnerships are the Earl

Reach out to encourage partnerships with other websites in complementary verticals and topics. Do your due diligence to seek out and work with the providers that you can verify will have your best interests at heart. Only hand your hard-earned dollars over to suppliers you know that you can trust.

Successful partnerships take time and a lot of nurturing to build. But once you get solid, mutually respectful relationships in place, all parties involved benefit.

Trust is the Countess

Without trustworthiness, even the best content in the world won’t convert. So it would be best to establish your E-A-T factor that Google has made clear it uses to determine rankings.

If you don’t have your stated ethics on display and back them up with real-world action, you are no different than the bazillions of competitors out there.

Community are the Lords and Ladies

By becoming a participant in communities that interest you, you’ll inevitably run into like minds who will be interested in what you do. And visa-versa.

When I have free time, I use what I call “give back” time to help out on forums and groups. You never know who is reading your comments or may reach out to connect. Never underestimate that.

Your WordPress Website Deserves the Royal Treatment

I get it — the above is a bit goofy. But I wanted to relay to you the importance of all these variables as you continue to grow your site.

Albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek, you can use this list to help you organize your royal family’s priorities. Take the above list and write down five ways you can enhance each royal family member. Then get to work on making that happen.

After all, it is good to be King!

At your service,

WordPress Consultant Judith