Schedule a VideoCon

Grab a slot on my calendar for personalized consulting or coaching. I block out time every Tuesday and Thursday for 10 days out so that we can chat.

WordPress Live Help and Support

For Established White Glove Clients:

  • 30 Minute Client Support sessions are exclusively for established clients and White Glove Support subscribers. (Not a client yet?)

How does this work?

I use Zoom for my online and video conferencing. (Cellphones are unreliable, and we can't screen-share if needed.) My system will show you the available times 15 rolling business days out, and you can grab the time that fits your needs.

You'll then receive email and/or text reminders 24 hours, 3 hours, and 30 minutes before our scheduled session.

No times available?

It is pretty common for me to be booked well in advance. If you have a time-sensitive support issue that cannot wait, reach out. I'll then advise if I have had any cancellations and make a point to set some time aside for you.

Help with WordPress Obstacles

Not a Client Yet:

First, tell me about your website. I'll then review your information, and if I can add you to my White Glove Support client list, I'll provide my Modus Operandi for your review and we'll schedule a time to chat.