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Quick and Easy Website Review Checklist

Do a quick website review every New Year!

One thing that I am always mindful of is how quickly things change. And how details can fall by the wayside when we are busy or otherwise occupied.

Now, keep in mind I have been doing websites for 27 years now. I note that timeframe because I still get blindsided even with all those years of experience. Not only by the breathtaking speed at which change occurs but by how often I discover bugs — on my websites.

So every year around this time, I go through all my websites with a fine-tooth comb. I’m not looking for anything in particular; I do an overall health check and, in that process, discover things I didn’t even think to check.

Add to that; many changes occur in every business over a calendar year. As a result, you’ll most likely discover content and commentary that must be updated to match how you are currently operating your business. Not to mention simply outdated stuff that needs to be removed.

Website Health and Feature Checklist

So today, to get your year off to a great start, I’m sharing with you the list I use to check, my websites so that you can do the same:

  • Check your website footer to make sure the current year is reflected. There is nothing like an old copyright date to indicate a website is not being paid attention to.
  • Go through your About page and ensure the tone, intent, and information provided are accurate and up to date. Update with any new information or change in focus. Refresh your photo to reflect an accurate representation of you as of today.
  • Fill out all contact forms and make sure they are operating correctly and that submissions end up where you want them to be.
  • Double-check your navigation. Is it as clear and concise as it can be? Or are y our menus overloaded and confusing? Look at how you can improve your navigation to get visitors to what they are looking for.
  • Review all widgets in your sidebars and footers. Is all the information current and worth the real estate being used?
  • Check that each of your installed plugins is tested up to the latest version of WordPress. If a plugin is falling behind, consider swapping out for one that is keeping up.
  • Go through each plugin’s settings to double-check everything is where it needs to be to operate the way you need it to.
  • Review your website FAQ for accuracy. Don’t have a FAQ, why not? Add one. Site visitors look for FAQs precisely to get their questions answered. Having a FAQ is a win-win for you and your site visitors.
  • How long have you had your current look? How old is your theme? If longer than a year or two — it’s time. In 2022 you want to have a block theme. This will allow you to take advantage of Gutenberg’s neat features and the upcoming Full Site Editing features to be released in WordPress in 2022. Investing in a fresh look is always good for business.
  • Run a website performance test at GTMetrix to review your website’s metrics. Even the most minor changes can have a negative (or positive) impact. Address any noted issues.

Specifically for WordPress eCommerce Websites

  • For eCommerce websites check that all your shipping fees are accurate and where they need to be. USPS, in particular, is constantly raising rates, and other carriers, in general, have recently announced increases. You don’t want to lose money on shipping expenses.
  • Review your pricing structure. With recent inflation, everything costs more. So increase if needed to remain profitable — all the while noting your value proposition.
  • Process a test order to ensure the cart operates correctly and provides the easy experience and information customers desire. Then, always be on the lookout for ways to streamline that process.
  • Review all product details, specs, and features to ensure each is complete and accurate. Are you offering all the information and facts that a customer would want to know to do business with you? Can you add anything additional that you’ve learned that customers have asked about over the past year?
  • What about product photos? Are they current? Can they provide more detail?
  • Having an eCom website means you need packaging supplies. Especially after the holiday season, now is an excellent time to check your stock. While you are at it, consider ways to spruce up your presentation to “Wow!” customers when they open their orders.

Website Review = Improved Results

If you just do these things each new year, you’ll experience better results and ROI. Why? Because not doing so can be enough to raise red flags with site visitors, who may then gravitate to your competitors. And we don’t want that, do we?

At your service,