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5 Pretty Feminine Premium WordPress Themes

It isn't easy to find premium WordPress themes that have an elegant and softer design. So many are stark, boxy, and black and white — great for corporate sites.

But not for us gals who want to have a more feminine touch. And, not all themes are created equal — so there's the conundrum. (Read my article about why you want to stick with Premium WordPress themes over the freebies!)

Anyone who follows me knows I am a big-time StudioPress enthusiast, and now Kadencehere's why. And for a good reason. Quality and support are paramount to your business success — and I wouldn't settle for less.

Because of the StudioPress/Genesis success (and watch for Kadence (aff) to do the same), many theme developers create child themes for the Genesis Framework. One of my favorites is Restore316 because of the gorgeous feature-rich themes they offer.

07.07.21. Restored 316 now also creates child themes for Kadence. Kadence is a new theme framework that I've used on several of my websites, including this one. I love the ease of use and customization features. While I still endorse Genesis and StudioPress as solid alternatives, check out Kadence too. Read more about all that here.

Here's just a few for you to check out…

Pretty, Girlie, Beautiful WordPress Themes

Child Themes + Framework

You want to have a child theme that works on a framework. Depending on your theme, If you don't have a child theme, you will lose your customizations when that theme needs an update.

In addition, by choosing to have your site on WordPress you can tweak elements and colors to meet your minds-eye. Getting your “pretty on” is now easier than ever!

If you are still unsure which theme is for you, I have an article that helps you know what to think about before making a decision. Check out: Choosing the Right WordPress Premium Theme.

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