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Let Them Eat (SEO) Cake!

WordPress SEO Cake

Technology is what is is — we can't change it — we can only go with the flow. Nor can we think that by disregarding certain things or ignoring others that we can expect the same level of success as the rabidly aggressive non-relenting Netrepreneurs that thrive online.

SEO is that 300 pound gorilla in the room that many talk about, think they know about, even think they are doing when in fact — let's be honest here, they don't have a clue. If you want to get technical no one knows for sure what will work for every market, site or product offering.

You Cannot Control the Google

When Google updates, you'll hear about good sites suffering in the rankings. And, they don't know why… Nor do many of the so-called “experts”. (A real “SEO” like Bruce Clay, could probably let you know exactly why your site suffered.)

You can find an unending supply of articles about how to recover and what you need to do. Many regurgitating the same-o same-o. Much of which, in my investigations, didn't apply to some of the sites that lost their rankings. That's because no a single person on the planet knows what Google's algorithm contains and what weight each variable carries.

I know from experience that perfectly good, visually appealing, high social signal sites that did not use black hat or techniques that Google openly discourages have experienced negative impacts. Lost rankings to low quality and outdated sites that clearly do not follow Google's quality “suggestions”. The punishment clearly didn't fit any algo determined crime.

So what do you do?

You do your best to do your best. You aren't going to change Google or any other search engine. It is what it is. True Netrepreneurs don't sit around whining about what they don't like — well we do, but just for a bit. We then move on to discovering remedies and solutions — and we keep looking for them until we find what works. Period.

The recipe for SEO Cake gives you the basics that need to include in your plan, your train of thought, your modus operandi — that is if you want your cake (business) to rise and be enjoyed by those you serve it to…

The Simple SEO Cake Recipe


  • 1 C. Solid Business Idea
  • 1 C. Astute Market Research
  • 1 C. SE-Friendly, Usable, Research-Based Design
  • 1 C. Best Copy Writing
  • 1/2 C. Unique Ingredients Not Found In Competitor’s Cakes

After the Cake is Baked

Once your cake comes out of the oven, just like with search engine rankings, don't assume there will be a crowd standing around waiting to eat it. That is unless you make folks aware that you have a new cake coming out of the oven, right?

Even if you serve your cake, you just don't clean up and put the dishes away. You don't assume your cake's leftovers will remain fresh on the counter indefinitely either. Maybe some didn't like the frosting — then tweak that recipe! Others may have liked your cake but will have suggestions to make your cake even better. Listen — then do.

This is truly what SEO is about. Ongoing and ever changing, testing then reviewing, asking then modifying so that you end up baking cakes that bring in the doughnuts! For you.

The reality is that although some think SEO is a piece of cake, or something that they have the super-secret special recipe for (no such thing) — one cake alone is not enough to open a bakery.

At your service,
Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach