WordPress Help For U.S. Military Veterans

WordPress Website Help for U.S. Military Veterans

If you are a U.S. Veteran, running your own personal Website, or are a sole proprietor business, all you have to do is register and let me know how I can help.

I am also honored to help fallen hero's families establish a Memorial or Foundation WordPress site/Blog in honor of their loved ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I've always been passionate about our Veterans. My Father, Uncle, Aunt, Sister, and Husband are all Vets. Besides giving regularly and often to Lone Survivor Foundation, Special Operations Warriors Foundation, WWP, and PVA, I wanted to do more.

Having run my online business coaching firm for 27 years and being an established Business Coach and WordPress Consultant, I was contacted regularly by Veterans looking for help with their WordPress sites — and I had a tough time charging them. It is my way, albeit a small one, to offer some payback!

Helping those, who due to their bravery and sacrifice, I have been able to live the American Dream, is the least I can do.

WordPress website products and services you can trust!

Helping those who have served our Country!

This was created as a resource for U.S. Military veterans to get the help, guidance, and support they deserve when starting a new Website or Web business (sole-proprietors). How does this work?

  1. Submit your Membership application. Don't worry; your info is for my eyes only!
  2. Once your application is approved, you'll get a confirmation e-mail from me with further instructions.
  3. You ask questions, and I'll provide reliable answers!

Veteran Program Details

I am only one person; therefore, I choose those individual Veterans that need my help the most when approving applications and take a lot of things into consideration when making this determination. The more information you can provide when submitting your application, the better your chance of being accepted into my program.

If your family member paid the greatest sacrifice, I would be honored to help you set up a Memorial or Foundation WordPress website in honor of your fallen Hero for only the cost of hosting. Apply to find out more…

From simple stuff like how to customize colors, widgets, or plugins to troubleshooting an error message. You'll get step-by-step directions on how to accomplish what you desire, or you have the option of providing your login info for me to go in and take care of business for you.

  • General “How To” Questions
  • Business Model and Best Practices
  • Hosting and Theme Selection
  • WordPress Updates, Setup, Security, Backups
  • Theme Uploads
  • Adding or Modifying your theme's header image.
  • RSS Setup and Customization
  • Spam Prevention *
  • Error Message Troubleshooting
  • Plugin Suggestions, Plugin Installation, Plugin Setup
  • Theme Style Tweaking
  • Widgets and Widgetized Areas
  • Social Media Setup and Use
  • SEO Suggestions and Recommendations

I'll do my best to guide you with all of your WordPress, eCommerce, and Website needs based on my years of online experience. My focus is to guide, coach, and advise sole-proprietor Veterans. I cannot do entire site redesigns, customized application development, or become 100% support for established comprehensive websites.

I can also not extend my pro-bono services to large veteran-owned enterprises with custom-built sites or consultants who need help with their client Websites who happen to be Veterans. If your clients are sole-proprietor Veterans, they are more than welcome to apply and request assistance directly.

Veterans are a proud group who always want to pay something — they “aren't into charity.” I don't want your hard-earned money. I would be honored to have one of your products or those handcrafted items you're making! Help is not contingent on your ability to pay.

I'm here and online every business day between 9a-5p CENTRAL TIME. So you'll usually get an answer pretty quickly.

*Sole Proprietors: Click Here to Inquire*


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