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SEO Bullseye Marketing PDF

WordPress Bullseye SEO

As of January 2021, there are 1,197,982,359 websites on the Internet. Wow./img

Not all are quality, and not all are of interest. Many are just dead files located on a server out in Internet-land.

With that in mind and the added fact that specific markets have become saturated, how will you get found in this mess?

Bullseye Marketing

You know what a target looks like, right? All those circles getting smaller until you get to the one in the center – the bullseye? When you play darts or go to the shooting range, you scoreless with each hit in the circles furthest out.

So why not use this analogy when you think of SEO marketing? Without a doubt, doing so would help improve your overall rankings by prioritizing and “targeting” your efforts.

Here are the critical bullseye SEO marketing tips to get your core terms in place.

Bullseye SEO PDF

My PDF includes this article along with a target for you to use in this exercise.

Begin to create your phrases – no one-word keywords here carefully. Instead, use terms that you know for a fact those looking for your site will use.

Not what you want to get found by. Not what you think searchers will use—the phrases they are using.

Many times these are entirely different sets of keyword phrases. If you are unsure what folks are actually using, check out my post on Free Keyword Research Tools.

If you target the wrong keywords, all your efforts will be in vain.

  • After investigating your market’s keyword phrases, start with the bullseye center containing only your most important two 2-3 word keyword phrases.
  • As you move to the outer circles in the target, note your less important phrase variations – up to two per circle.

This process allows you to prioritize your efforts knowing which terms are essential for you to get found. However, you need to be realistic and not use words that your site does not back up with content. Simply typing keywords into a worksheet or a plugin doesn’t make it so.

Do you have pages that have 10s or 100s of keywords in the Meta tags? STOP IT! Tweak your current content and create new information-packed pages targeted at one or two keyword phrases, each with the variations for each and add them to your site.

Target Completed

Once your target is complete, refer to the bullseye and ensure that your WordPress website title and description use your primary phrase and a variation thereof. Also, make sure to include these phrases peppered throughout your headlines and copy.

Now move to the next circle outside of the bullseye. Determine which page those phrases apply to most and follow the above. Rinse and repeat.

You don't want phrases in any target circle that are not closely related or do not apply to each other. Create a new bullseye using your next set of terms, and then create valuable information and resources (not fluff) that applies to each specific set of phrases. That works even better.

Search Engines are Just Computers

Search engine crawlers are not aware; they don’t think; they don’t surmise. (As of late, that could be open to discussion.) So instead, they gobble up what is on your website based on the content, the code, and 100s of other variables. Then based on each search bot's unique algorithm, it determines how your website will be ranked.

The key to bullseye marketing is knowing what your target market uses to find you and incorporating those terms, phrases, ideas, and concepts into your site.

You will dilute your site’s relevancy by trying to get found by everything under the sun. And if you do not have content that backs up those phrases – well, as we say in Chicago – foe-ged-aboud-it!

Target your bullseye and have your site mimic that layout. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you see your targeted pages gain higher relevancy, then get found, passed around, and commented on.

Over time that leads to more prominent rankings — which leads to more business!

Download this article & SEO Bullseye Marketing PDF

Use target SEO marketing and hit the bullseye.

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Coach