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Have a WordPress Question? “Just Ask”

Ask a Mentor about WordPress or how to do business online.

I get asked questions all day, every day. Some questions have simple answers, while others are more strategy and process-related that require a little back and forth. Many of the questions and concerns sent my way are similar to what many other onliners have.

That's what got me thinking. That would be a pretty cool resource over time if I could create a searchable archive of those issues and topics that I am asked about that entrepreneurs struggle with.

Being a WordPress and online business consultant and coach for over 26 years now means I've pretty much seen it all. The frustrating and fun alike. And I've mentored a ton of folks over the years.

So I've decided to take all that experience and make it available to my site visitors. All they have to do is ask.

Give-Back Time

I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with others, from being an HTML Writers Guild List Guide way back when to helping out in GoDaddy's Community forums to this day. For me, it's fun to mentor others.

When I spend my free time helping others that I am not billing for — I call that my give-back time. Many folks hang out on forums and groups “helping” to get their name out there and hopefully generate some leads. Sharing your knowledge and experience is a viable way to show your knowledge, professionalism, and communication style to gain exposure.

But I'm in a different place…

Blessed and Busy

I don't look at my give-back time as lead generation, so that is not my motivation. Instead, I have a healthy amount of business and websites that keep me busy. However, I am also realistic in knowing that the level of service I offer and my whole-site approach are not for everyone.

But, then, what about “everyone” else?

That's where my new courtesy Q&A board comes in. Site visitors can ask me about WordPress, themes, plugins, marketing, and online business staples. You can run your ideas by me, and I'll give you my opinion. It's like having a mentor to run things by when you are unsure what your next move should be.

Just be aware that I will tell you the truth based on reality. Something I've found many aren't eager to embrace. Be careful what you ask for.

Here's How “Just Ask” Works

You do have to register and confirm your account. I battle quite a bit of spam and spambots on this site as it is. So every effort helps. You won't be added to any lists or get any promotional offers from me. Your email will only be used to keep you up to date on your questions or any site admin notices I think you need to know about.

We can discuss anything that has to do with running a WordPress website and doing business online. Things like best practices, policies, and procedures that I know work. No magic bullets or quick and easy here. Online success is hard work.

Rules of Participation

I hate long lists of “rules.” So all I expect is for users to be polite and professional and not abuse this courtesy system I've developed to help folks out. I can spot spam a mile away, so don't even consider “asking” as a way to get a link or pitch live on my website. If necessary, I'll edit, block and blacklist those who are unable to play nice.

When helping on other forums, folks have asked how they can thank me, whether talking me up or leaving a review. Some insisted on paying what they could afford for my assistance.

While I'm grateful for the offers, I do not need either at this stage of my career. But, if you want, you have the option to buy me a cup of coffee — you'll see that graphic in the right sidebar of my Q&A area.

So, what questions do you have?

At your service,

Judith: WordPress Consultant and Business Coach