Whoo-Hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Whoo-hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Having been online from the start building successful Websites for almost 2 decades, the biggest PIA of the whole experience has been SEO. Many site owners resisted embracing the hard work of marketing their sites -- they had the "build it and they will come" mentality. Back in the day, Search Engine Optimization was something those of us who created plain ole HTML sites naturally considered … [Read more...]

Crafting Link Worthy Content

Crafting Link Worthy Content

One of the most asked questions sent my way is for me to explain in a "simple and clear" way what you need to do to get those coveted backlinks that certain search engines look at to determine rankings. Here you go -- simple and clear:  Craft Link Worthy Content! craft, craft·ing 1. To make by hand. 2. To make or construct (something) in a manner suggesting great care or ingenuity. It's … [Read more...]

Do Your Landing Pages Suck?

WordPress and Landing Pages

Many don't want to make the effort to find out ... Have you ever clicked on a PPC ad to only "land" at a page that either doesn't have what you looking for, is poorly developed and/or simply doesn't have a clue as to how to build confidence and cater to what you, as the searcher, "landed" there for? You are not alone. This happens quite often to me... Frustrated site owners contact me … [Read more...]

So What About Google+? Here’s What!

What About Google+?

To most of my clients Google+ is just another "social time drain" that they don't need to concentrate on. For the most part it is the techies who've swarmed there because we are naturally first adopters. While I did setup my account, I too have found G+ to be more of an afterthought. From what I've read, the jury is still out about if G+ will be a force in social. While I am not a big … [Read more...]

Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Even after Panda and Penguin where Google made it clear that we should be concerned about our site visitors first, on a daily basis I have clients who want to do the very things that Google has made clear are spammy, lack quality and will cause your site to not rank well. In the ever-changing search engine algorithms unfortunately there will be collateral damage -- unintended consequences where … [Read more...]

Is there a “War” on Free Clicks?

War on Clicks InfoGraphic

Based on the latest Google algo changes and controversial effects, combined with the new layout of Google's SERPs which are more paid advertising above the fold than not -- one could answer this question with a resounding "YES!". The infographic below shows how pay-per-click-ads are taking over Google and why that is a good thing for marketers. Regardless of if there is an actual war or not or … [Read more...]

Does Google Need an Intervention?

Google Intervention

From a search marketing POV, Google has many scratching their heads. Google isn't consistent, has become unstable and unpredictable. Want to see for yourself? Use SerpFox and watch your rankings for a week or so... It's crazy! Heck, we aren't looking for 100% predictability, but when search results don't seem to make sense or are all over the board from one day to the next for no logical … [Read more...]

Let Them Eat (SEO) Cake!

WordPress SEO Cake

Technology is what is is -- we can't change it -- we can only go with the flow. Nor can we think that by disregarding certain things or ignoring others that we can expect the same level of success as the rabidly aggressive non-relenting Netrepreneurs that thrive online. SEO is that 300 pound gorilla in the room that many talk about, think they know about, even think they are doing when in … [Read more...]