Quickie Marketing Tip: Just Answer Questions!

Marketing Tip: Answer Questions

How often as you go about your online activities do you see folks asking questions that are easy for you to answer? If you are hanging out where your potential market does, the answer would be "all the time". Too often though we are in a rush and don't take what would just be a minute or two to answer those questions and help someone out. Opportunity missed... To get your online business … [Read more...]

My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

The IStudio Best of 2014

At this time of year the "resolutions" articles can get overwhelming and redundant! Being my 2014 Resolutions still apply, I thought this year I would share with you the "best of" from The IStudio®. Each year during the slow week between the Holidays I look at my various site's stats and try to gleam information, discover patterns and most importantly look at what was most popular so I … [Read more...]

Whoo-Hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Whoo-hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Having been online from the start building successful Websites for almost 2 decades, the biggest PIA of the whole experience has been SEO. Many site owners resisted embracing the hard work of marketing their sites -- they had the "build it and they will come" mentality. Back in the day, Search Engine Optimization was something those of us who created plain ole HTML sites naturally considered … [Read more...]

Edison Would Have Loved the Internet (and WordPress!)

Thomas Edison would LOVE

Why does technology have to be so difficult? I guess that's subjective. To me, technology is a challenge -- yes, but not difficult. This gig has now been around for over two decades now. You are literally participating in evolving history here. Things won't stay the same and as a matter of fact the online business arena is still evolving at an exhilarating (frightening for some) rate. … [Read more...]

After 19 Years, What’s Still My #1 Piece of Advice?

Trust is Gold Online!

I talk to all kinds of current and new Netrepreneurs every week. Very often they want to get to the bottom line -- what is the easiest way to profit online -- simple non-complicated advice, please. "I want to make money!" All too often fear they fear making the important decisions to the point where they become paralyzed to move forward. Online moves faster than the speed of light folks … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Website New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014

At this time every year we review our business status and methodologies and come up with resolutions to try to improve our success and profitability in the year ahead.  Considering online is more fluid than ever before excluding your WordPress Website from this important effort would be a serious oversight, right? That's why I've created this article for you so that you have the basics to … [Read more...]