Made in the USA Business and WordPress Consulting

My family lineage goes back to the revolutionary colonists that fought for our nation’s Independence. My Aunt, Uncle, Father, Sister and husband are all U.S. Military Veterans. I was the capitalist — couldn’t wait to get out of school — if I was going to be anywhere for 8 hours — I was going to get paid!

Mobile Responsive WordPress Setup

My goal is to help you to get that great looking responsive WordPress site that you need in place in no time so that all you have to worry about is adding or tweaking your content. Above and beyond getting WordPress installed, what sets my offerings apart is you have the added bonus of my 20 years of online experience and coaching services — “At Your Service…”

WordPress Consulting

I can assure you that it doesn’t get any easier than WordPress if you want to have total control over your own site so you don’t feel “tied” to a developer for every little tweak or change. A huge bonus is you have my almost 20 years of online experience at your disposal. Including having worked with WordPress since it’s birth. Packages and program can be tailored to fit your needs so please do not hesitate to let me know any questions or more importantly, any concerns, you may have.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Keeping your site up-to-date and secure is something that, while extremely important, intimidates many site owners. It can be tedious and technical — so let me handle this task for you.

À La Carte Service Menu

All of us need a little help here and there, right? Even if you are a DIYer it is not uncommon to inevitably run into tasks where you discover you need assistance to ensure proper implementation. Enter my WordPress À La Carte Services — created just for you! I have developed these specific service offerings based on years of client requests so you can have the assistance you need when you need it!

Online Business & WordPress Coaching

Embracing how to best use WordPress for the success of your business and your unique goals is nothing short of a wise investment in your future success. Your very own WordPress Coach; available & on call when you need that extra support — Priceless!