Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Time for a little updating to one of the most popular articles on this site! Even after Panda and Penguin where Google made it clear that we should … [ Read the rest...]

So Done With Facebook

Why I Left Facebook (and never really did G+)

Yes, I have posts here discussing how to use Social Media. All those posts also note that you need to really "work it" for social to produce … [ Read the rest...]

Trust is Gold Online!

Trust is Gold Online; So is Going Social

Trust is not something you can launch with a Website. Well, you can -- by having a credible, great looking site that has the visuals and content that … [ Read the rest...]

WordPress Responsive Websites

Does Your WordPress Site Look Dumb on Smartphones?

I've been moving my sites to responsive designs as time permits. While I'm not 100% satisfied with how every site displays, I have reviewed each on … [ Read the rest...]

The IStudio Best of 2014

My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

At this time of year the "resolutions" articles can get overwhelming and redundant! Being my 2014 Resolutions still apply, I thought this year I … [ Read the rest...]

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How to Update WordPress

How to Update to WordPress 4.1.1 Maintenance Release

02.18.15: "WordPress 4.1.1 is now available. This maintenance release fixes 21 bugs in version 4.1. Some of you may have been waiting to update to the latest version until now, but there just wasn’t much to address. WordPress 4.1 was a … [ More... ]

Slow WordPress Sites

Easy Steps to a Lean Mean WordPress Machine

WordPress has unique resource requirements which demands certain processes be put in place to keep your site running at optimum efficiency. It's not uncommon to find WordPress sites that are not being watched after properly choking due to … [ More... ]