Colorful, Whimsical and Refreshing WordPress Theme

Sky Premium WordPress Theme

Part of having a successful online presence is having a WordPress site that does not look generic. You want a site that stands out from the rest of the competition while offering a user-friendly and visually appealing experience, right? Right! The Sky WordPress Theme, which is a new theme from Elegant Themes, one of my favorite theme shops, checks all these boxes. Plus Sky offers a unique … [Read more...]

Modern Trendy Blogger Premium Theme

Premium WordPress Child Theme: Modern Blogger

Many clients comment that Premium WordPress themes tend to cater to the professional corporatey type business. Bland color-schemes, no personality -- boring! For those looking for a bright colorful theme with personality, Modern Blogger may be just what you are looking for! Modern Blogger PremiumWordPress Child Theme Over the years I've had tons of requests for light, fresh and color … [Read more...]

Fabric: Elegant and Easy to Use Premium WordPress Theme

Fabric Premium WordPress Theme

As WordPress becomes more sophisticated themes are becoming increasingly robust and even more feature rich that one could have ever imagined. And that isn't going to slow down anytime soon. With that comes additional functionality and the use of plugins that can seem complicated. Particularly for those just getting their feet wet when moving their outdated HTML sites over to WordPress. What … [Read more...]

Catalyst WordPress Theme Framework

Catalyst WordPress Theme Framework

UPDATE: July 30, 2013: Even though sales of the Catalyst Theme is being discontinued. Support continues: Read about that here! We've talked about WordPress Theme Frameworks in the past but that only scratched the surface. Frameworks in a nutshell are the bones of a premium theme that allow you to customize to your hearts desire and not be locked into one design or layout. Frameworks also … [Read more...]

WordPress Premium Theme: Mystique “Pretty in Pink”

WordPress Theme: Mystique "Pretty in Pink"

Looking for just the right theme can take time and speaking for myself, (I am living this situation now for one of my own projects), I wonder if I'll ever find "the one." I go through this decision making process to find the right theme I need for a particular project on a pretty regular basis, either on behalf of my clients or to give a much needed update to one of my own sites. This can be … [Read more...]

Qlassik Premium WordPress Theme

Qlassik Premium Business WordPress Theme

With the popularity of WordPress now in the mainstream -- themes are popping up everywhere! But you know what I say about that! Not all themes are created equal and taking the time to find just the right WordPress theme for your project is time well spent. That is why I am very selective when it comes to the themes I feature here. Navigation, layout and of course visuals need to cater to … [Read more...]

Blissful Wedding Premium WordPress Theme

WordPress Premium Wedding Theme

It's that time of year where wedding planning is in full gear! "Blissful" is an elegant and feature rich premium WordPress Theme that gives you the opportunity to have your own dot com and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest info and plans. You can include your domain name in your invitations and announcements to let everyone know that your Web site is going to be "the place" to keep up … [Read more...]

Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes

RealtorPress Premium WordPress Real Estate Theme

When the going gets tough, Realtors get going! Many are using the current market conditions as an excuse to reinvent themselves and wisely focus on niche services or clientele. Many of my clients in the real estate industry are now tackling long overdue site updates/redesigns, rewriting and re-purposing their sites to better meet the demands and desires of their target markets. Premium … [Read more...]