Updating WordPress and Plugins is Not a “Choice”…

Update WordPress and Plugins NOW!

It's your responsibility. In the past week there have been heated discussions about updating WordPress, Frameworks, Themes and Plugins. The crux at the heart of the conversation is about Users overwhelming inability or lack of interest in keeping their site's updated. If all site owners, updated immediately when notified in their Admin panel the world would be unicorns and rainbows. Well, … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to a Lean Mean WordPress Machine

Slow WordPress Sites

WordPress has unique resource requirements which demands certain processes be put in place to keep your site running at optimum efficiency. It's not uncommon to find WordPress sites that are not being watched after properly choking due to becoming CPU "hogs". Poorly coded themes, too many plugins, bad hosting -- all add up to having a site that doesn't load fast enough to help you gain … [Read more...]

How to Have the Fanciest Author Box — Ever!

Fanciest Author Box WordPress Plugin

First... page down to the bottom of this post and be in awe of my author box then come back... Fancy-schmancy, huh? The moment I read about the Fanciest Author Box plugin, I had to have it! You can customize pretty much everything from the color scheme to the tabs. You can even add a custom tab for a freebie, eBook or promotion you are offering. The Fanciest Author Premium WordPress … [Read more...]

Get a Grip on Your WordPress Plugins!

on Your WordPress Plugins!

There are tons of plugins both in the WordPress Repository and from Premium Developers. There are so many that it can be overwhelming and confusing. Being plugins use resources, it behooves every WordPress site owner to choose their plugins wisely and with discretion. What prompted this post are the WordPress dashboards I login to. I find 30 or more plugins, many with duplicative features … [Read more...]

Pay Attention: Global Brute Force WordPress Attack

WordPress Brute Force Attac

If your site is on WordPress -- pay attention! I Tweeted about this yesterday which produced a flood of questions about what was going on and "what to do". The Basics... This month there has been a concentrated effort to go after WordPress sites with a brute force bot attack. One of my sites was caught in the beginning stages of this attack. Being my site's are secured, the site was not … [Read more...]