Marketing Mission: Target Those Who Care

Social and Blogging Tools

Every couple of weeks I make a point of poking around the Website looking for interesting articles and info I won't run into in my daily travels. Today, I tripped on an article from 2008 that is just as relevant now which included a quote that inspired this post! "...the most compelling form of marketing is one that establishes a rapport between our organization's expertise … [Read more...]

21 Twitter Tips You Need to Know

21 Twitter Tips

Almost everyone has a Twitter account, but surprisingly many folks aren't sure how to best use Twitter for their business. Some even make the mistake of having one account for both personal and business -- which doesn't always work out to well. Below are tips you can use to help your business rise above the noise when using Twitter for your business: Business Only Account: for business … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Website New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014

At this time every year we review our business status and methodologies and come up with resolutions to try to improve our success and profitability in the year ahead.  Considering online is more fluid than ever before excluding your WordPress Website from this important effort would be a serious oversight, right? That's why I've created this article for you so that you have the basics to … [Read more...]

We Are All Experts in Training

We are all experts in training!

I receive so many feeds and eZines that there are times I simply don't have time to even open them all let alone read them all! But, I am an infoholic and therefore have this uncontrollable urge to stay on the edge by watching and analyzing the commentary, studies and observations of online marketing "experts." In doing so, being an expert in training for the entire life of my consulting … [Read more...]

Read This to Keep Up!

Read and Read Some More!

Due to the recent Global WordPress bot attacks and caching plugin security vulnerabilities, I was asked a bunch of times this week how I find this stuff out. Suffice it to say I read -- a lot! The next question was if I wouldn't mind making some recommendations for required reading. I'll leave out the overly techie stuff, the multitude of WordPress, Marketing, SEO and Social Media feeds that … [Read more...]

Time for a Marketing Kick in the Butt!

Time for a Marketing Kick in the Butt!

When the going gets tough -- the tough get going, right? Right! I can't hear you! That's better... The last thing you want to do when challenges arise is to become a back-seat driver when you need to be in full control at the wheel! It's been challenging for small business for awhile now -- and we still have a way to go. But those of us who run our own businesses have a backbone made of … [Read more...]

Survival of the Fittest

Change is difficult, not changing is fatal.

Going into my 18th year of this adventure, I find myself even more challenged than any of the earlier years before. Being I've lived and breathed the WWW and online business full-time, all this time, one could probably assume I have it easier. Well, as in life, ignorance is bliss. I've never been able to rest on my laurels and have encouraged every Nentrepreneur who crosses my path to do the … [Read more...]

WordPress How To: Make a Blog

WordPress Recipe Box

While Blogging is something many folks are doing and many more would like to do, for those just investigating starting a Blog, where do you start? Based on the number of inquiries I get every day asking that very question it is clear that inquiring minds want to know! Even though there are various blogging platforms that are available for you to make a Blog, being a WordPress Consultant … [Read more...]