Marketing Mission: Target Those Who Care

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Every couple of weeks I make a point of poking around the Website looking for interesting articles and info I won't run into in my daily travels. Today, I tripped on an article from 2008 that is just as relevant now which included a quote that inspired this post! "...the most compelling form of marketing is one that establishes a rapport between our organization's expertise … [Read more...]

Whoo-Hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Whoo-hoo! SEO *is* Dead!

Having been online from the start building successful Websites for almost 2 decades, the biggest PIA of the whole experience has been SEO. Many site owners resisted embracing the hard work of marketing their sites -- they had the "build it and they will come" mentality. Back in the day, Search Engine Optimization was something those of us who created plain ole HTML sites naturally considered … [Read more...]

Crafting Link Worthy Content

Crafting Link Worthy Content

One of the most asked questions sent my way is for me to explain in a "simple and clear" way what you need to do to get those coveted backlinks that certain search engines look at to determine rankings. Here you go -- simple and clear:  Craft Link Worthy Content! craft, craft·ing 1. To make by hand. 2. To make or construct (something) in a manner suggesting great care or ingenuity. It's … [Read more...]

After 19 Years, What’s Still My #1 Piece of Advice?

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I talk to all kinds of current and new Netrepreneurs every week. Very often they want to get to the bottom line -- what is the easiest way to profit online -- simple non-complicated advice, please. "I want to make money!" All too often fear they fear making the important decisions to the point where they become paralyzed to move forward. Online moves faster than the speed of light folks … [Read more...]

21 Twitter Tips You Need to Know

21 Twitter Tips

Almost everyone has a Twitter account, but surprisingly many folks aren't sure how to best use Twitter for their business. Some even make the mistake of having one account for both personal and business -- which doesn't always work out to well. Below are tips you can use to help your business rise above the noise when using Twitter for your business: Business Only Account: for business … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Website New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014

At this time every year we review our business status and methodologies and come up with resolutions to try to improve our success and profitability in the year ahead.  Considering online is more fluid than ever before excluding your WordPress Website from this important effort would be a serious oversight, right? That's why I've created this article for you so that you have the basics to … [Read more...]

10 Last Minute Holiday eCom Website Tips

WordPress Last Minute Holidays Tips

You've got your WordPress site up and running, all your social media in place, you're Blogging and commenting and updating the items you have for sale. Now all you have to do is wait for the orders. If only it were that easy, right? This is the the week where the frazzle-factor begins to build exponentially. Planning ahead helps to minimize any unnecessary stress -- but now we're down to the … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Black Friday

Are you ready for 2013 Black Friday?

You'd better be thinking about Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday. Two weeks from today the craziness will kick in! And, this year's shopping season has 6 fewer days before Christmas. As of today there are only 39 days until Christmas! Considering shopping early birds have already been at it and you have to ship before say December 19th -- you have a very limited window to advertise, sell and … [Read more...]