Quickie Marketing Tip: Just Answer Questions!

Marketing Tip: Answer Questions

How often as you go about your online activities do you see folks asking questions that are easy for you to answer? If you are hanging out where your potential market does, the answer would be "all the time". Too often though we are in a rush and don't take what would just be a minute or two to answer those questions and help someone out. Opportunity missed... To get your online business … [Read more...]

How to Update to WordPress 4.2.2 Security and Maintenance Release

How to Update WordPress

UPDATE 05.07.15: WordPress 4.2.2 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. The Genericons icon font package, which is used in a number of popular themes and plugins, contained an HTML file vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack. All affected themes and plugins hosted on … [Read more...]

You don’t do “Social Media”, You ARE Social Media!

Social Media Marketing is You!

From its inception it is what the Internet has always been -- social. That's why the Web has evolved to the become the life changing behemoth it is today. Let's define social: so·cial [soh-shuhl] –adjective 1. pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social club. 2. seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; … [Read more...]

Are you ready for “Significant Impact” on April 21st?

Aprll 21st Do No Evil?

My phone is ringing "off the hook". The e-mails are pouring in. All about a week from today. If you don't know what happens next Tuesday, it's the day that Google announced to be prepared for "significant impact" from an algorithm change to favor mobile responsive sites (as in penalize non-mobile sites) for searches coming from mobile devices. Google is generally ambiguous about the cause … [Read more...]

Spiders, Crawlers and Bots Oh My!

Webbots and WordPress

Bots, Spiders, Crawlers are all nick-names for the little programs that are constantly scouring the Internet indexing every file they find. You can see which Bots have visited your Website in your site's stats/logs. For example, Googlebot is Google's little indexing bot. If you do not see Googlebot in your stats -- that means Google is not visiting your site. These Bots are how search … [Read more...]

Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Ten Commandments of Search Engines

Time for a little updating to one of the most popular articles on this site! Even after Panda and Penguin where Google made it clear that we should be concerned about our site visitors first, on a daily basis I have clients who want to do the very things that Google has made clear are spammy, lack quality and will cause your site to not rank well. Both of those algos haven't even been run again … [Read more...]