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Update WordPress and Plugins NOW!

Updating WordPress and Plugins is Not a “Choice”…

It's your responsibility. In the past week there have been heated discussions about updating WordPress, Frameworks, Themes and Plugins. The crux … [ Read the rest...]

Modern Blogger Premium Theme

7 Pretty Feminine Premium WordPress Themes

It isn't easy to find premium WordPress themes that have an elegant and softer design. So many are stark, boxy and black and white -- great for … [ Read the rest...]

Premium WordPress Restraurant Theme

Restaurant WordPress Theme: The Flavour

This is the first restaurant theme that I've come across in a quite a while where I wanted to actually write a post about it! If you own an eating … [ Read the rest...]

Categories, Keywords and Tags

WordPress Categories, Keywords and Tags; Oh My!

Categories vs. tags. Tags vs. keywords. Aren't they all the same or at least similar enough to use the same terms for all three? Sorta, kinda, a … [ Read the rest...]

Slow WordPress Sites

Easy Steps to a Lean Mean WordPress Machine

WordPress has unique resource requirements which demands certain processes be put in place to keep your site running at optimum efficiency. It's … [ Read the rest...]

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How to Update WordPress

How to Update to WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release

08.06.14: WordPress 3.9.2 is now available as a security release for all previous versions. You are strongly encouraged to update your sites immediately. This release fixes a possible denial of service issue in PHP’s XML processing, reported by … [ More... ]

How to Backu

WordPress How To: Do the Mother of All Backups

Backing up is one of those things that many folks think about when it is too late and you wish you had the backup you never made. Usually when you are in the situation of wishing you had backed up, you are then motivated to get a system in place so … [ More... ]