21 Twitter Tips You Need to Know

21 Twitter Tips Almost everyone has a Twitter account, but surprisingly many folks aren’t sure how to best use Twitter for their business. Some even make the mistake of having one account for both personal and business — which doesn’t always work out to well.

Below are tips you can use to help your business rise above the noise when using Twitter for your business:

  1. Business Only Account: for business topics and Followers.
  2. Use a Great Photo: Use a great head-shot and preferably the same one you use across all your online channels.
  3. Succinct Description: Include a keyword or two in your 160 character description to clearly relay your areas of expertise.
  4. Don’t Jump to UnFollow: Give folks a couple days to follow back.
  5. Be Visual: Tweets with Horizontal graphics get reTweeted more.
  6. Use Hashtags: and follow those that interest you.
  7. Reciprocate: Follow and Favorite those who reTweet your Tweets.
  8. Timing Matters: Tweets sent on Fridays around 4p EST get reTweeted most. Some experts advise to post each Tweet 4 times to hit all times zones: 9a, 12p, 3p and 6p being the most popular times.
  9. Consider Time Zones: If you have something really important send your Tweet 4 times to cover all 4 times zones.
  10. Follow Leaders in Your Field: Birds of a feather…
  11. ReTweet: Only Tweets of value. Start with RT @[person’s handle].
  12. Don’t be a Hog: Leave space for replies by sending shorter Tweets of only 125-140 characters.
  13. Shorten URLs: Don’t waste your limited space with URLs. You can use the “Get Shortlink” button to the right of the articles permalink. I use Bit.ly which allows me to then see the activity and stats for each.
  14. Share Your Content After: ReTweeting another person’s Tweet. Your will then be seen by that user and their followers if they check you out.
  15. Tweets That Matter: Quality over quantity.
  16. Tweets on Your Website: WordPress offers a slew of plugins for this.
  17. Spruce Things Up: Integrate special characters to stand out.
  18. Make a List or Two: Lists allow you to group accounts of interest and create lists to share with followers.
  19. A Dash of Personal: Sharing a few personal things here or there help to make you more approachable. But be very selective!
  20. Engage: Use @Reply to start and/or join in the conversation.
  21. Twitter Glossary: Read and learn.

That should be enough to get you going! Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter for your business!

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