I Saw What You Didn’t Do Last Week…

I saw what you didn't do last week..Logging in to WordPress sites is something I do too many times to count pretty much every day. In doing so I see things in WordPress Dashboards that need attending to that aren’t done and in ongoing conversation come to find aren’t even given a thought. Below are the things that were front and center just last week.

Did you neglect addressing these things last week on your WordPress site?

  • Update your Plugins. Plugins update for a reason. Caching plugins have been the latest target by hackers. I Tweeted about this last week. (Not following my Tweets, yet? @IStudio and @WPMuse for WP only stuff). Also delete outdated and inactive plugins — they pose a security risk.
  • Post a timely and relevant Blog Post. Hey, I get it — not enough time in the day. But if you want to be followed and engage your audience, you just have to make the time! Not sure what to write about? Read: WordPress How To: 3 Easy Steps for Gathering Great Post Ideas
  • Make sure prominent info is kept current. I worked on several sites last week with Copyright dates of 2010 and older. I also noted a couple About and Contact pages with outdated information. Check your About and Contact pages to make sure the most recent information is reflected. If your Copyright date is not 2013 you look like you aren’t paying attention to detail.
  • Keep on top of 404s and broken links. 404 page not found errors are something that can be easily avoided as are broken links. Doing so helps provide a better user experience. Google recommends keeping on top of 404s and to some degree looks at broken links as a quality signal (as in lack thereof). Read: WordPress How To: Avoid 404 Horror
  • No back-up system. Really — no backup system in place! Even with a back-up system in place, you need to make a point of manually downloading your WordPress XML file at least once each week for safe keeping. Tools > Export. Every single person I asked last week admitted not downloading their site’s XML file! I download the XML files for my sites as part of my end of the week Friday housekeeping tasks. Mark your calendar if you have to.
  • FOR CONSULTANTS ONLY: Did you tell a client they weren’t doing something the way they should and how they could do it better? I do quite a bit of clean-up that wouldn’t be necessary if Consultants just took the time to proactively and constructively let Clients know what was really necessary to reach their goals — the right way! Not the easy way; not the cheap way! Not the way that caters to what you think a client wants to hear — the right way! Yes, you won’t land every client who comes your way — but guess what? That’s okay! There are a lot of great folks out there that will appreciate your candor and concern. Give it a try!

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