So What About Google+? Here’s What!

What About Google+?To most of my clients Google+ is just another “social time drain” that they don’t need to concentrate on. For the most part it is the techies who’ve swarmed there because we are naturally first adopters. While I did setup my account, I too have found G+ to be more of an afterthought.

From what I’ve read, the jury is still out about if G+ will be a force in social. While I am not a big Google fan in general, I do know many of the recognizable folks in WordPress are very active there, so there must be something to it.

For me, as with most social media, Google+ is a challenge to remember to check in on. I have a hard enough time keeping my customer service levels where I want them to be without having to stop and take time to post and comment. Not that I don’t think it to be a good thing, I just do not truly know if it is worth my time since I have so very little to spare. What makes me even more of a techie odd-ball is that when I walk out of my office, I’m done with online! So no after-hours social catchup for me.

In my daily travels I tripped upon the infographic below that clearly explained what G+ is, does and has available for your marketing efforts. It is clear, concise and I hope you find it as interesting and motivating as I did:

How to Use Google+

Armed with the above info I can try to tackle G+ in bite-sized chunks. Click on the Infographic to download a copy of your own.

I’ve actually added G+ to my rolling “to do” list! ;-) How about you? Are you on G+? What benefits have you seen for your business?

At your service,