Does Your WordPress Site Use FeedBurner?

RSS WordPress to FeedBurnerOne of the reasons I’ve been able to survive in this business for almost 18 years is the ability to be flexible, open to change — and ahead of the curve.

Another part is my gut — you know what I’m talking about. You see things around you changing or evolving, or you have to make an important decision and your gut is telling you to “Do It!”, “Go for it!”, “Better now than later!”. Some folks, like me, learned a long time ago to not ignore my gut! Now, my gut is going off about FeedBurner…

FeedBurner is the Google service used to “feed” many WordPress site updates via RSS to subscribers. Site visitors can signup for updates, usually in a box in the sidebar or footer, and every time a new post is added to your site it goes out to the list. While to some, FeedBurner is anemic in features, it always did what I and many of my clients needed to do.

But quietly a couple months ago Google announced a shutdown notice for the FeedBurner API which will happen on October 20. While the API shutdown will cause developers less flexibility when it comes to analyzing stats (which have been pretty much broken as of late), as TechCrunch reminds us it doesn’t necessarily mean that the service is following the same route.

What got my gut going was many ancillary services have been shutdown, Google allowed to expire and they’ve shut down the FeedBurner Blog and Twitter account. So, what do you think lies ahead?

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you what I’ve done for two of my top sites this week to avoid any potential shutdown announcement taking me off guard.

If you’ve followed me you know I am a big StudioPress fan — and affiliate — for good reason. Besides the unbeatable quality of their themes, since way back when, they’ve been ahead of the curve. And StudioPress is once again proving this point by introducing their eNews Extended Plugin for Genesis-Powered WordPress sites. See, they understand that when Google discontinues an API, that means it is no longer supported and is one step closer to becoming history.

This new plugin is confirmed to work with not only FeedBurner — while it’s alive — but also MailChimp, AWeber (both of which I am an affiliate of) and Constant Contact.

Being this site is all StudioPress on the Genesis Framework, it was uber easy for me to get my list and sign ups moved to a service I trust will be around. For me that service is MailChimp because it is easy, fast and provides a ton of options to customize any way you like. While many used FeedBurner because it was free (you get what you pay for), MailChimp doesn’t charge you until you have at 2,000 addresses on your list.

If you are using FeedBurner for your site, whether you are on the Genesis Framework or not, it is time to investigate your options and get “Plan B” in place.

At your service,