ShopperPress Premium WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

“ShopperPress is a fully featured shopping cart theme for WordPress, suitable for selling all types of products, services, and digital downloads online. Includes 20+ store designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!”

Sound good? Well, the above is a humble statement of what Mark Fail’s themes can do. I am currently integrating two of his themes into my own sites and I am constantly in awe of the built-in, intuitive functionality contained within.

Ready “out-of-the-box” Shopping Cart Theme for WordPress

Look at all the store designs that come with Shopper Press:

  • Baby Shop Template
  • Blue Free Shop Template
  • Green Shop Templates
  • Shop Web Template
  • Website Shop Template
  • Bridal Template
  • Camera Template
  • Pet Shop Theme
  • Wedding Template
  • Florist Template
  • Golf Template
  • Lighting Template
  • Hockey Template
  • Kitchen Template
  • Mobile Phone Template
  • Photo Shopper
  • Romantic Shopper
  • Software Template
  • T-Shirt Template
  • Simple Shopper

Premium WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

As if the above isn’t enough to coax you into checking out this Premium WordPress Shopping Cart Theme, how about this:

  • Easy Website Management: ShopperPress integrates directly into the WordPress CMS for easy management and Web site control.
  • Unlimited Potential: Create unlimited categories, store products and website users easily from the WordPress admin interface.
  • SEO Friendly Websites: ShopperPress is search engine friendly allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines + supports other WordPress SEO plugins.
  • Completely Browser Based: You can run your website from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, work from home, the office, even the beach!
  • Multi Language Support: ShopperPress comes with language files allowing you to quickly translate the entire websites into any language you like.
  • Different Store Types: Using ShopperPress you can setup lots of different store types such as eCommerce stores, affiliate stores, catalog stores, Amazon stores etc
  • Shipping and Tax: ShopperPress includes flat rate, weight, country, state, order total and per-item based shipping options as well “free shipping” options for selected order prices. Taxes can be customized and applied at checkout on a fixed rate (such as 17.5%) or per country and state.
  • Advertising Ready! Lots of key advertising slots built in, simply copy/paste your banner code! Google AdSense supported also.
  • Quick Import Tools: Manually add store products via the admin area or quickly import from a CSV spreadsheet file or use the Amazon, eBay or Datafeedr import tools, it’s your choice!
  • Thumbnails & Custom Images: Specify your own display images or use the PremiumPress API for website thumbnail generation at no extra cost!

ShopperPress really has all the bases covered. Solid conscientious coding and support are the frosting on the cake!

So if you are doing eCom, not yet on WordPress or want to get into eCom — you’ve got to check out ShopperPress!

At your service,