The Facts About SEOing Your WordPress Site

I have discussions daily with site owners who are not happy with their natural or organic rankings. Nor are they happy (or could it be denial) about what I advise when comes to SEO and what they need to do to work towards improving their rankings.

There are those that prefer to surmise that what I advise is a “Judith thing” when they can find information elsewhere that doesn’t require the investment in time, energy and resources necessary to gain the rankings they obsess about. And they are obsessing.

The bottom line is, if you want the rankings you say you do — it is really pretty simple what you have to do — that is if you are as serious as you say you are about getting the rankings you desire.

The “big kahuna”, the one thing you need to know, the single most important part of your SEO efforts is that you must know what your target visitors are searching for and what information they need.

That’s easy enough to find out because there are free keyword research tools available for you to use so you know this critical info.


SEOing Your WordPress Site is About
Your Customers First

You then proceed to write for your visitors, and because you know what they are seeking, you follow these three simple steps.

  1. Write quality engaging, helpful and useful content.
  2. Write some more quality engaging, helpful and useful content.
  3. While you are at it, write some more quality engaging, helpful and useful content.

That’s what it takes. Good writing, about topics your site visitors can use. By knowing what they are looking for and writing about it — you are naturally SEOing your site! Keep a few simple WordPress SEO tips in mind when creating your content and the rankings will happen.

But it takes time and a consistent effort. A passion for your business, a willingness to share your experience and the ability to make the commitment to spend the time and effort to create the engaging content that makes visitors jump for that contact button — instead of their back button.

Time and effort that sadly many do not want to expend. Instead they fall for the hooey…

  • I just have to change titles, keywords and descriptions to what I want to be in the “top 10” for.

    Changing meta keywords (which are ignored), titles and descriptions alone without ensuring they are relative on a page by page or post by post basis, is ineffective. Titles and descriptions have to be page/post specific — the more specific the better!

  • The more Blog posts I have, the better my rankings!

    Blogging nonsensical boring regurgitated content that is not well written, unique or helpful just to “Blog”, does not improve rankings — nor will it encourage contacts or return visitors. Quality overrides quantity here.

  • I’ll exchange links with friends and unrelated sites because Google likes links.

    Linking to non-related sites that offer no value to your site visitors does nothing to build your popularity or authority in the “eyes” of search engines. No popularity or authority — no increase in rankings.

Being niche (the less you are about, the more you are about one thing and therefore can be more relevant for that one thing), writing quality, helpful content you know your visitors are seeking (because you took the time to do your due diligence), and being approachable and involved is how you gain the rankings you desire.

Here a couple resources on the reality of SEO from those I follow:

Search Engine Optimization vs. Customer Connection

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The fact is you can SEO your WordPress site so that those seeking what you have to offer will find you. You just have to write about what they are seeking!

Everything you need to know is on this page to experience improved rankings with your consistent efforts. If you want to read more about the reality of SEO (not the hype and hooey), I’ve got close to 100 articles on the topic of Search Engine Optimization available for your reading pleasure.

At your service,