WordPress How To: Trick Out Your Registration Page

WordPress Login Plugins BoxI know you are interested in how to make that boring WordPress login/registration page have some flair because I get asked about it all the time! The default WordPress Login page is pretty generic so who can’t help but think about ways to spruce it up?

Here are some plugins to check out!

  • Custom Login Plugin: Use this plugin to customize your login screen (great for client sites too)!
  • A5 Custom Login Page: With this plugin, you can style your whole login page according to your needs.
  • WP Custom Login: Designed for users which want to include the header and footer to the login page. You can also change the design. Just create a wp-custom-login.css in your theme directory.
  • MS Custom Login This plugin enables you to customize the login screen page by uploading image and choosing color in MS Custom Login Settings page. It utilize the media uploader and color picker of WordPress.
  • Super Custom Login: This plugin will customize your login screen. It replaces the default WordPress logo with your own super custom logo. It makes the logo link to your homepage. It enhances security by removing error messages upon failed login attempts. Also, it includes a template file for your logo.

There you have it! A batch of great WordPress Login Registration plugins and ideas on how to make your registration page all your own! Why be boring when you can be branding?

At your service,