Trust is Gold Online; So is Going Social

Partners You Can TrustTrust is not something you can launch with a Website. Well, you can — by having a credible, great looking site that has the visuals and content that instill a perception that lends to trust — but that’s not enough. Just as in the off-line world, trust is built with consistency — over time.

You can’t “buy” trust; you have to earn it.

Search algorithms have trust factors. For example, Google determines trustworthiness of a site by the number and quality of sites that link to a particular site. Although this isn’t the end all be all, Google uses this as just one of many ways to try and determine trust.

Why trust? Because of the reasons stated above… You can’t buy it; you can’t install it. You have to earn it over time. This is also why brands and those that have been online longer tend to naturally be trusted more.

Same goes for Social Media and Networking. From being involved on trusted sites and participating and responding on the networks you know your target market frequents, you can tap into the potential to build that ambiguous trust factor. This means being trusted by site visitors that then don’t hesitate to offer positive reviews on your site and local sites as well as mentions and recommendations on social media.

Trust is Gold Online

Build trust and you build your reputation, exposure, business and network.

Here is a great article from Jeff Quipp that covers the trust issue in Social Networking. Even though it is dated 2008 — the advice is timeless! 4 Pillars of Social Media Algorithms … Trust x4

Now you have a good idea of why you need a Social Media plan and where to start implementing it. I’ve been doing this from the start — going on 20 years now and I have to tell you that right now is one of the most exciting periods in the Webolution. If you have an static Website — you are simply glorified brochureware. You need interactivity components where you can reach out to visitors and they can do the same to you — and I’m not talking a contact form.

WordPress Makes Social “Easy”

There are too many social sites and WordPress sharing plugins to list here. But I do have a couple posts that can help you get your functionality and plan in place:

The possibilities and opportunities are endless due to all the ways you can share information and interact with your current and potential customers! Time to get Social!

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