Is Your WordPress Site Run by the Grinch?

Grinch WordPress SitesFrom October through November I work with clients to “Holidize” their sites. We plan their specials calendar from shipping discounts, mailings and discount coupons and when we are going to put them live on the site. Including little graphics here and there to reflect the Holiday at hand. From Halloween, then on to Thanksgiving and then finally to the big Holidays.

Even though adding little graphics here and there to acknowledge special days is not that expensive, it is amazing how many folks do nothing at all. Why plan specials, discounts or mailings? Why decorate your site to reflect the holiday at hand? More business — that’s why! What do you think your competitors are doing? Not sitting on their hands and ignoring the Holidays!

Like it or not the Holidays are a time that give you an excuse to pump up your business and send good tidings in the process.

Is your site Grinchy?

All my sites get little touches reflecting the Holiday Season. No big redos, redesigns or revamps are required. Usually a stocking, wreath or a little “Happy Holidays” graphic added to your site is all it takes to let folks know there are living breathing human beings behind these screens.

What do you think it says to site visitors when they arrive at your site and there is no indication or acknowledgment of the Holidays?

  • Is this site current?
  • Does the person who runs this site care?
  • Don’t they know what time of year it is?
  • Is anyone home?

I know that if I were to go to a site at this time of year and see no Holiday anything, I would wonder why they are willing to ignore the opportunity to connect with site visitors. I would also surmise that the site is stagnant. Especially for sites doing eCommerce.

You still have time to “Holidize” your site — what are you waiting for?

At your service,