WordPress How To: Put Your Tweets on Auto-Pilot

Auto Tweet on Twitter -- Sweet!Twitter is now a phenomenon that is not going to go away anytime soon. As a micro-blogging platform Twitter allows businesses to keep interest parties up to date with current events with a real-time snippet that requires very little commitment or time from followers.

What hinders most of my clients from using Twitter and tweeting on a regular and consistent basis is that they think they need to spend even more time. More time will be required to tweet when getting them to Blog 3-4 times a weeks is challenging enough!

I can hear their interest increase when I tell them they can have a Twitter account, that they use for business, that auto-tweets their Blog posts right into their account on Twitter — automatically!

Then imagine if you have more than one site or multiple Blogs having to go and then tweet your updates? Even more of a reason to try and automate the process.

In the case of multiple Blogs, each should have their own Twitter account to ensure you are providing focused content your market is interested in.

For example you can find me me in several places on Twitter — each with a different marketing and focus:

So for just those four Blogs, imagine the time it would take if I then had to login to Twitter and post my updates? Don’t have to!

With this neato plugin you can have your Blog posts auto-tweet to Twitter and conversely have your tweets auto-post to your Blog!

Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin


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