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Scary WordPress Boo-Boos!

Top 10 Scariest WordPress “Boo-Boos”

"It's Alive! It's Aliiiiiivvvvvve!" That's why I update this post each Halloween Season -- Enjoy! These little tid-bits, my pretties, are just a … [ Read the rest...]

4 Truths of Search Engine Rankings

4 Truths About Free Search Engine Rankings

This December will mark my 20th year as an online consultant. And still on a daily basis I am faced with explaining the truth about free (what is now … [ Read the rest...]

Paws and Claws Pet Shop Theme

Adorable WordPress Pet Shelter | Pet Shop Theme

Did you know there is actually one thing I don't like about WordPress Themes? I know -- that's seems hard to believe -- but there is! The "boxiness" … [ Read the rest...]

Social and Blogging Tools

Marketing Mission: Target Those Who Care

Every couple of weeks I make a point of poking around the Website looking for interesting articles and info I won't run into in my daily … [ Read the rest...]

Update WordPress and Plugins NOW!

Updating WordPress and Plugins is Not a “Choice”…

It's your responsibility. In the past week there have been heated discussions about updating WordPress, Frameworks, Themes and Plugins. The crux … [ Read the rest...]

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How to Update WordPress

How to Update to WordPress 4.0

09.04.14 Version 4.0 of WordPress, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. While 4.0 is just another number for us after 3.9 and before 4.1, we feel … [ More... ]

How to Backu

WordPress How To: Do the Mother of All Backups

Backing up is one of those things that many folks think about when it is too late and you wish you had the backup you never made. Usually when you are in the situation of wishing you had backed up, you are then motivated to get a system in place so … [ More... ]